Family & Friends of Wagner Students

Welcome Family and Friends of Wagner College Students! The Office of Residential Education is so excited to have your student be a part of our community! We have attempted to provide you with details on how to help your student be successful at Wagner.

Our motto in Residential Education is to provide students with a safe, respectful, and inclusive residential community that supports and challenges student growth and development through educational, social, and leadership opportunities. We believe that your assistance in empowering students self-advocate and be effective problem-solvers will help them in their Wagner journey, and in their journey into life!

Please explore the information below. We have attempted to answer some questions specifically for families and friends!

Dean Wright Cheering on Students at Move-In!

How does my student receive mail on campus?

All students are given a mailbox.  Mailboxes are assignment by our Postal Center and given to the student when the arrive on campus.  Mail should be addressed as follows:

Name of Student
℅ Wagner College
Mailbox #
One Campus Road
Staten Island, NY 10301

The Postal Center asks that mail not be sent before August 1 of each academic year. For more questions on the Postal Center, please visit their webpage.

Are rooms equipped with a micro-fridge?

Students can rent a micro-fridge from Collegiate Storage with great ease. Rates and product availability are set and provided by Collegiate Storage.

What security is provided in the residence halls?

Public Safety maintains a rotation on campus 24/7. In addition, during the academic year, the desks at the front of each building are equipped with Student Desk Attendants.  At night, Senior Desk Attendants serve as additional support to the building operations and security. Information on Public Safety and services they provide can be found on their website. 

How does the meal plan work?

Students can choose which meal plan they would like in their housing application.  Students have until the first week of the semester to change their meal plan. They can change their meal plan by emailing

For information on rates, please check the rates here
For information on our Dining Services, please visit their webpage.

Can my student in Towers/Guild bring their own A/C?

Students cannot bring their own a/c units. If the student needs A/C for medical purposes, they should complete a medical accommodation. Approved students will be moved to Foundation or Harborview pending availability.

How does cable work in the residence halls?  

Cable is provided to all students as part of their room. Coaxial cables may be available in each room.

Is there WiFi in the Residence Halls?

Yes- all of our residence halls have WiFi!

What can I bring/not bring for my student?

This is a great question! For your convenience, we have completed an extensive list of items you can bring and items you should not. You can review it here.

What are the dimensions of the room?

Harborview Hall
Foundation Hall
Guild Hall
Towers Hall

How does my returning residential student pick a room?

Returning students will go through a housing selection process in March/April of the academic year. Students will receive information to their student accounts about signing up for housing and filling out an application.

Can my student request a room in a specific location in my room?

Students cannot request specific room placements outside of the housing selection process. During housing selection, if a room is available, then the student can choose it.  After housing selection, room locations are based on an availability basis.

Should the student need a medical accommodation, they should review the requirements for medical accommodations webpage.

Our First-Year Welcome Team! My student is having a conflict with their roommate, how can I help them?  

When a roommate conflict happens, it can be stressful for all parties involved. Our office has taken careful steps to provide training to all of our staff members to help students work through conflicts. We find that students who work through conflicts are often the most successful! Here are some ways you can help your student:

  • Ask them if they have spoken to their roommate yet and talked about their concerns.
  • Ask them if they have spoken to their Resident Assistant or Peer Educator.

The office understands that not all students will be best friends- that is okay! Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable learning environment.

My student is studying abroad, what should they do about housing?  

Students studying abroad in the Fall should not select housing. They will be contacted in October by the Assistant Director of Residential Education regarding their housing for the Spring.

Students studying abroad for the Spring should contact the Assistant Director of Residential Education about withdrawing from the housing. They will be contacted about housing selection processes before leaving in December.

Information regarding Housing Selection can be found here.

There is a problem in my student’s room, what should I do?

Students should submit work orders through Campus Operations. Students should be directed to submit a work order here. When submitting a work order, students will be able to identify potential times of day when the staff can come to the room to repair the issue.

Emergencies should be called to an RA on duty or Public Safety.  

When does my student need to move out in the Spring?

Students who are not participating in Commencement exercises must vacate their building by 12:00pm (noon) the day after finals. Specific dates will be provided.  Students are advised they should move out 24 hours after their final exams or by 12:00pm (noon) on that date- whichever comes FIRST.

Students participating in Commencement exercises should check out by 7pm on Commencement day.

Students who are not participating in Summer Housing will not be provided extensions so please plan accordingly!

Does my student need to move out 0f their room fully during Winter Break?

Students only need to bring room essentials for their time away from Wagner. This would include important documents, photo identifications, medications, etc.  Students can leave items in their room for the break. 

Can I store my student’s belongings there for the summer?

Students can store their belongings with Collegiate Storage. Collegiate Storage would work with Wagner to provide students with storage options.

When is closing for Winter Break?

Students should plan to leave Wagner for the winter break by noon after the last day of finals or 24 hours after their last exam- whichever comes FIRST.

Does my student need to move out of their room fully during Winter Break?

Students only need to bring room essentials for their time away from Wagner. This would include important documents, photo identifications, medications, etc.  Students can leave items in their room for the break.

Can my student move-in early?

Spring: Students are not permitted to move-in early for the start of the Spring semester move in. 

Fall: In order to provide students with the smoothest transition to Wagner, early move-in requests are approved on a need-based basis. Students needing to move-in early must submit requests by August 1. Any request after August 1 will be denied. Early arrival requests are subject to a $100.00 per night fee. 

What assistance is provided on move-in day?

Students will be able to rent out a large bin, pending availability at time of check-in, to move their belongings into their room. All returning students are required to move their belongings in on their own. For the Winter term, bins are available pending weather. 

How does move-in day work? Dr. Lily McNair, our Provost, welcoming first year students at move-in!

First year students in Harborview Hall are provided with a welcome celebration to Wagner! Our President and Senior Cabinet Members will be there to meet you and your student as you prepare for them to embark on their journey to Wagner.  Student volunteers will also load your stuff from your cars into large bins and bring it to your room for you. More information on move in will be released soon! 

How can I figure out where my student is living?
All information regarding room assignments, roommate pairings, and applications are accessible with the student’s Wagner all access user and password.  Unfortunately, the Office of Residential Education cannot provide any information to any person other than the student. Therefore, we ask that the student call the office with inquiries so we can provide the best and most expedited service we can!

Can my student move-in early?

In order to provide first-year students with opportunities to experience the fullness of first-year move-in, new students are not permitted to move-in early. Services and offices will be fully staffed on move-in day and we want all students to feel welcomed to the community!  

My student’s roommate did not email them back?

When students are assigned roommates, we recognize that there may be some delays in initial communication.  Delays could be caused by vacations, inaccessibility to email, etc.  If the student is not hearing from their roommate, the student should call the Office of Residential Education and we can provide them with more information.

Information on graduate student move-in to come!

How does my student pick a room?

New students are assigned a room in mid-July of each year.  Each student should use their email account and email password to fill out a housing application.  The housing application contains important roommate questions that are used to match students together.

Students can submit their online housing application and room preference questions at  The wagner all access username and password is required to access the site.

Can my student request a room in a specific location?

Students cannot request specific room placements.  Should the student need a medical accommodation, they should review the requirements for medical accommodations here.

Should you have a question not answered here, please feel free to call the Office of Residential Education at 718-390-3420 or email


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