Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide prospective and current residential students with as much information as possible, we have attempted to provide some answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have a question not listed, or want additional clarification, please feel free to contact our office!

How do students receive mail on campus?

All students are given a mailbox.  Mailboxes are assignment by our Postal Center and given to the student when the arrive on campus.  Mail should be addressed as follows:

Name of Student
℅ Wagner College
One Campus Road
Staten Island NY 10301

The Postal Center asks that mail not be sent before August 1 of each academic year. For more questions, please visit the Postal Center webpage


What security is provided in the residence halls?

Public Safety maintains a rotation on campus 24/7. In addition, during the academic year, the desks at the front of each building are equipped with Student Desk Attendants.  At night, Senior Desk Attendants serve as additional support to the building operations and security. Information and services they provide can be found on the Public Safety website.

How does the meal plan work?

Students can choose which meal plan they would like in their housing application.  Students have until the end of the first week of the semester to change their meal plan. They can change their meal plan by emailing

For information on rates. 
For information on our Dining Services.

There is a problem in my room, what should I do?

Students should submit work orders through Campus Operations. Students should be directed to submit a work order. When submitting a work order, students will be able to identify potential times of day when the staff can come to the room to repair the issue.

Emergencies should be called to an RA on duty or Public Safety.  



How does cable work in the residence halls?  

Cable is provided to all students as part of their room. Coaxial cables may be available in each room.

Is there WiFi in the Residence Halls?

Yes- all of our residence halls have WiFi!

What can I bring/not bring for my student?

This is a great question! For your convenience, we have completed an extensive list of items you can bring and items you should not. You can review it here.

What are the dimensions of the room?

Harborview Hall
Foundation Hall
Guild Hall
Towers Hall

Can my student in Towers/Guild bring their own A/C?

Students cannot bring their own A/C units. If the student needs A/C for medical purposes, they should complete a medical accommodation. Approved students will be moved to Foundation or Harborview pending availability.

How do first-year and transfer students apply for housing?

First-year and transfer students will be directed to the housing application ( after completing the New Student Form. Students can login using their OneLogin information to complete their housing application.

Placements, roommate information, and move-in information is sent out around mid-July to students’ Wagner email accounts.

How do returning residential students pick a room?

Returning students will go through a housing selection process in March/April of the academic year. Students will receive information to their student accounts about signing up for housing and filling out an application.

Can students request a room in a specific location in my room?

Students cannot request specific room placements outside of the housing selection process. During housing selection, if a room is available, then the student can choose it.  After housing selection, room locations are based on an availability basis. First year residential students are assigned to a room at random.  Preferences for rooms are taken into account for medical accommodations only.

Should the student need a medical accommodation, they should review the requirements for medical accommodations.

My student is studying abroad, what should they do about housing?  

Students studying abroad in the Fall should not select housing. They will be contacted in October by the Assistant Director of Residential Education regarding their housing for the Spring.

Students studying abroad for the Spring should contact the Assistant Director of Residential Education about withdrawing from the housing. They will be contacted about housing selection processes before leaving in December.

Information regarding Housing Selection can be found here.

How do I use laundry services on campus?

Wagner College works with CSC Laundry Works to provide our students with convenient, fast and efficient laundry services.  Laundry is available in all residence halls on campus.

As of October 2017, Wagner and CSC are excited to announce new forms of payment! Students can use a credit card to pay for laundry OR they can download an app and pay via Bluetooth. Please note there are no coin operated machines.

If interested, explore the two info links below:

Information Link 1 

Information Link 2 

How do I control the temperature in Foundation Hall? 

Every suite in Foundation has a control that regulates the temperature. This control operates each suite unit which is located by the entrance to the door of the suite.  We encourage students to work with their suitemates to establish a temperature that is comfortable.

Foundation is a single piping heating and cooling system.  This means that when the AC is on, the heat is not, and vice versa.  The College turns on the heat after October 15 (pending weather) and the A/C sometime in April (pending weather).

The control unit has several settings:
System Off- this shuts the heater and cooling system off.
Temperature Setting- recommended setting is 74 degrees.
Fan Settings: The settings are low, medium and high. Low will be fine for continued comfort!


How do I control the temperature in Harborview Hall? 

Every room in Harborview Hall has a control that regulates temperature in the room.  In order for the system to work, it is essential that students do not block the vents.

Harborview is a single piping heating and cooling system.  This means that when the AC is on, the heat is not, and vice versa.  The College turns on the heat after October 15 (pending weather) and the A/C sometime in April (pending weather).


It is important that students ensure their system is off if they want to open the windows. If they do not, the setting in the room will continue to regulate by the system.  For example, if a student is too hot and they don’t adjust the system, the temperature it is set at will remain the same.  Then when the window is open, the room will get hotter because it’s trying to reach that minimum temperature.


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