Housing Selection for Returning Residential Students

Welcome Returning Students! The Office of Residential Education is excited to have you coming back for another great academic year at Wagner! We in ResEd have been working to create a streamlined, smooth and exciting housing selection process for all students! Please review the information below!

Housing Selection Form can be found here: Housing Selection Form

Housing Selection Form

For those of you who would like to check out some of our information nights or roommate finder nights, check back for dates and locations!

Please ensure that you have reviewed the housing contract prior to submitting your application. In addition, please ensure you have reviewed anticipated room and board fees here.  Be advised that students who are looking to cancel their housing for next year should review their Residency Requirement here.

ResEd has created a mini-presentation explaining housing selection! You can find it here.

Email any questions you may have to housingselection@wagner.edu.  We look forward to seeing you for housing selection!

  • Housing Selection will feature an in-person selection this year!
  • During the week of March 18, students will be able to select their housing. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, students will select their housing in Foundation Hall Manzulli Board Room. On Thursday and Friday, students will select their housing in Towers Hall D3 Annex.
  • All students should apply for housing by filling out the “Returner Student Application” at housing.wagner.edu.
    • Students can use their Wagner all access and password to access the site!
    • Students can input their preferred roommates, but it is not required at this stage of the process.
  • Students will be broken into groups based on class years and receive a lottery number!


Please review the following dates. If you have absolutely any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to ResEd by emailing housingselection@wagner.edu!

DATE What is happening? What do I need to do?
December 1, 2018 Housing Application is live! Go to housing.wagner.edu and apply as a Returning Residential Student!
February 1, 2019 Application for Students interested in theme communities and Greek housing is due. Make sure you fill out your housing application and check off which community you want to be in! Don’t forget to fill out the question that follows.
February 1, 2019 Students needing medical accommodations- priority deadline! Make sure you fill out your housing application and work with Disability Services to have your paperwork in!
February 1, 2019 Resident to Non-Resident form due. Students seeking to be removed from housing per the Residency Requirement should submit their form to Residential Education.
March 1, 2019 Greek Housing! Students in Greek Housing will submit finalized
March 1, 2019 Theme Housing Selection Students accepted into theme housing will select their rooms with the Assistant Director of Residential Education.
March 7, 2019 Priority Housing Application Deadline Students who get in their housing will have a chance to participate in the lottery!
March 8, 2019 Lottery Raffle Due & Winners Chosen Students will have 1 week to submit their chance at one of our guaranteed housing accommodations!
March 13, 2019 Housing Application Deadline This is the final call for students to get in their housing applications!
March 18, 2019 Rising Senior Selection Night Students with rising senior lottery numbers can select housing this night.
March 19, 2019 Rising Seniors & Rising Junior Mixed Night Students with rising senior lottery numbers who would like to live with rising juniors can select this night.
March 20, 2019 Rising Juniors Night Students with rising junior lottery numbers can select housing this night.
March 21, 2019 Rising Senior/Juniors & Rising Sophomore Mixed Night Students will rising senior or junior lottery numbers who would like to like with rising sophomores can select housing this night.
March 22, 2019 Rising Sophomore Mixed Night Students will rising sophomore lottery numbers can select housing this night.
March 26, 2019 Last Chance Lotto Selection! Students who did not get to pick housing during selection week can stop by ResEd to get their room assignment!

Once you apply for housing, students will be broken into categories. Graduate Student and Rising Seniors, Rising Juniors, and Rising Sophomores. Based on the specific criterion below, students will receive a lottery number in their class range.

Student class year is a calculation of completed units PLUS current Spring units.

Be advised, if you have a question on your class year. Please contact the Registrar’s office ASAP. You can find their information here.

Student Group Name Description Lottery Numbers
Graduate Students Current graduate students who are full time in a matriculated graduate program. 001-300.
Rising Seniors Any current, matriculated full-time student who is expected to have 26 completed as of the Fall semester. 001-300.
Rising Juniors Any current, matriculated full-time student who is expected to have between 17-25.5 completed units as of the Fall semester. 301-700.
Rising Sophomores Any current, matriculated full-time student who is expected to have between 8-16.5 units as of the Fall semester. 701-1000.

Be advised, there will be an option for students to discuss their “Rising” classification. Approvals are contingent based on a joint understanding and approval by the Office of Residential Education and the Office of the Registrar.

Lottery numbers are not transferable.

  1. The student applies for housing at housing.wagner.edu.
  2. The student is randomly assigned a lottery number.
  3. The student comes to the appropriate housing selection date.
  4. The student completed a housing group form.
  5. The student with the lowest lottery number picks for the entire group (note- this only would occur is all students in the group are eligible to select).
  6. Students will come to the housing selection night in Foundation Hall.
  7. Available rooms will be projected so students can track what’s going on and what rooms are available.
  8. Numbers will be called and they will meet with a ResEd staff member who will place the students.
  9. Once the students have picked, they are good for housing for next year!
  10. Students have 30 seconds to select the room when with the Residential Student Services Manager or Director of ResEd.
  11. Students who need more time, will step out of the room and let the next number go.

Brief Description of Housing Selection Nights:

  • Rising Senior Night- Monday, March 18, 2019 
    • All students classified as ‘Rising Seniors’ will be able to pick this night.  
  • Rising Senior & Rising Junior Mixed Night- Tuesday, March 19, 2019
    • Rising Seniors who wish to live with Rising Juniors will be able to pick this night.
  • Rising Junior Night- Wednesday, March 20, 2019
    • All students classified as ‘Rising Juniors’ will be able to pick this night.
  • Rising Senior, Rising Junior, and Rising Sophomore Mixed Night- Thursday, March, 21, 2019
  • Rising Sophomore Mixed Night- Friday, March 22, 2019
    • All students classified as ‘Rising Sophomore’
  • Last Chance Lotto- Tuesday, March 26, 2019

This list is meant to provide all students with an opportunity to understand the housing selection nights. Please review carefully and make sure you come to the right day!

  • Students who are rising Seniors & Graduate Students and want to live with rising Seniors & Graduate students can pick on Night 1 of Housing Selection.
    • All have lottery numbers from 0001-0350.
  • Students who are rising Seniors/Graduate Students who want to live with at least one Rising Junior can pick on Night 2 of Housing Selection.
    • This would be students who have at least one Senior lottery number (0001-0350) and at least one Junior lottery number (0351-0750).
  • Students who are rising Juniors and want to live only with other rising Junior can pick on Night 3 of Housing selection.
    • All have lottery numbers from 0351-0750.
  • Students who are rising Seniors/Grad Students, and/or rising Juniors who want to live with a least one Rising Sophomore can pick on Night 4 of Housing Selection.
    • This would be at least one rising Senior/Grad (0001-0350) AND/OR one rising Junior (0351-0750) with at least one Rising Sophomore (0751-1300).
  • Students who are rising Sophomores will select on Night 5 of Housing Selection.
    • All have lottery numbers from 0751-1300.

A theme community is a group of individuals with a common interest who live together in a specific area.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the following communities are available:

    • Substance Free and Quiet Living: located 13th floor HVH
      • Students living in this community agree to living amongst students from first years to graduate students.  The floor is substance free (e.g. alcohol free, tobacco free) and maintains quiet hours 24/7.  This allows for a focused, study-like environment for students who desire it. This floor is open to all students from first-year to Graduate.
    • Professional Studies: located 2nd floor of HVH & 4th floor north wing of Guild
      • Professional studies is a floor that aims to cultivate an academic support system and scholarly community for students. Graduate students and upperclass students in pre-professional programs (e.g. Juniors in the PA program) can be approved to live in this community.
    • Gender Inclusive: located D5 Towers Hall and Guild 3rd Floor
      • Our mission is to cultivate a safe, respectful and inclusive residential community that supports and advocated for cultural experiences of the LGBTQAIPD community and their allies.
    • Upperclass Honors: South Wing of Guild 4th Floor
      • Promoting intellectual curiosity, academic scholarship, and dialogue, the goal of the upperclass Guild Honors Community is to foster a supportive environment where academically ambitious students can thrive with opportune programs. Connecting academic interests to world issues, Honors’ residents understand the importance of community and their role as citizen.
  • Students interested in theme communities must fill out their housing application by February 1.
  • In the housing application, students can opt into the community of their choosing.
  • They should then submit a short essay about their desire to be in the theme community.
  • In the housing application, students must select their preferred roommates. Students should be able to fill the entire room/suite. Incomplete groups will not be considered.
  • Students will be notified mid to late February of their acceptance, or not, into the theme community.


2019-2020 Theme Communities are:

Substance Free & Quiet Living
Upperclass Honors
Gender Inclusive
Professional Studies

  • Greek housing is provided for the following organizations in accordance with the Office of Co-Curricular Programs:
    • TKS, ADPi,  ASA, AOPi, TKE, TCHi, KSA
  • Organization presidents, or designee coordinating housing, must attend a meeting with CCP and ResEd in order to complete their housing roster.
  • Organizations must have 80% of the floor filled in order to receive all rooms.
    • Organizations under 80% will have limited access to all rooms on the floor.
  • Notes on Organization Numbers:
    • Members studying abroad in the Fall will count toward their occupancy number if they commit to living there in the Spring.  Students who do not follow through on the commitment will be deducted from the % of members.
    • Members who are offered opportunities as RAs or PEs will be counted in the occupancy numbers.  
  • All Greek members must apply for housing by February 1.

Students who apply by March 7 can enter to win one of the following: 

    • If you enter by March 7 you can enter to win one of the following:
      • A Guaranteed Seahawk Suite (rising seniors only),
      • A guaranteed Towers Suite (rising seniors and rising juniors only)
      • A guaranteed Guild Suite
      • A guaranteed Towers double
      • The top lottery slot for each class year (one awarded to one senior/graduate student, one to a rising junior, one to a rising sophomore).   
        • Students will be notified after March 17 if they have won.  Students must be able to fill a suite completely if they win it.
  • There is a housing selection form that all groups should submit.
  • One person can select for the entire group and serve a proxy.
  • The proxy does not have to be a member of that group.
  • The proxy does not have to be the person with the lowest lottery number.
    • The proxy can be anyone at Wagner College who is a full time student.
    • Parents CANNOT come and select.
    • If you have an issue with finding a proxy, ResEd will help you out.
    • Room selections proxy make are final and cannot be changed.
  • Students Re-submitting Medical Accommodations
    • Students should submit the medical accommodation request form.
    • Dina Assante or Thomas Gelok will contact the student if new doctor’s information is required via email.
  • New Medical Accommodations
    • Students should submit the medical accommodation request form.
    • Students should have a licensed medical professional complete the required documentation. Documentation must be in prior to review.
  • All forms should be submitted by the priority deadline of February 1.


As of the Fall 2017, the Office of Residential Education will be implementing a $750.00 study abroad housing reservation fee.  Students who are interested and are studying abroad for the Fall semester, can select housing for the entire academic year, and be guaranteed their housing assignment when they return from abroad.  For the semester they are abroad, they can pay a one time $750.00 reservation fee which will ensure that they will have their preferred room assignment when they return for the Spring semester.


The terms and conditions of this policy are as follows:

  • Students who wish to take part in this program, must notify the Director of Residential Education, in writing, by August 1.
  • Should the student not go abroad and re-enroll in classes at Wagner for the Fall semester, the fee would not be applied.
  • Should the student go abroad initially, but not complete the semester (e.g. financial plans have changed, withdrew from the program) and re-enroll during said semester, the fee would not be applied.
  • Should the Office of Residential Education experience an emergency situation, housing shortage, etc., they can choose to void this agreement.  The fee would be returned to the student in this case.
  • Should student select to return to campus housing, or not, for the Spring semester, and not live in the reserved room, the fee would not be waived.
  • The fee is non-transferable to another student(s).
  • Students who do not partake in the study abroad room reservation program may be subject to a $1,000 housing cancellation fee if they participate in the housing selection process and select a room.

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