General Housing Questions :

  • How does the Housing Selection/Lottery Process work?

Our NEW Housing Selection/Lottery Process begins in February and ends in April, and will be completely web-based for the first time.  Students receive an email on their campus email address with information about Themed Communities, Medical Placements, Greek Housing, and Traditional Housing.  It will include instructions for using the online system, applications, dates of when the forms are to be completed and submitted to the Office of Residential Education.  


  • What types of Themed Communities are available?

There are five communities.  The housing selection process for these communities occurs prior to the traditional selection process.  Watch the website and your email for dates:

Visual Culture and Music

Green Living Community

Honors: First-Year Students

Honors: Upper-class Students

  • When does my student have to be out of the residence halls? (College Breaks/Closing)

 Students need to be out of the residence halls during Winter Break and Closing at end of academic year within 24 hours after their last final.  During Fall and Spring breaks, students will need to sign-up with their Resident Assistant (RA) if they plan on staying for all or part of the breaks.  Dates will always be clearly marked on the College website and will be discussed during closing meetings and on closing bulletin boards on every floor. 

End of Academic Year: residence hall close on

Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 12 noon.

All student need to be out by this time.

  • How early can my student return to the residence halls? (Winter Break/Opening & Closing) 

Students looking to return to campus earlier than the reopening date given by the Office of Residential Education, accrue a charge of $100 for the first night and $250 or $350 per week depending on type of room student lives in (single or double occupancy).


Winter Break: residence halls open on

Sunday, January 17, 2016.


  •  How do I set up my on-campus address?

The on-campus address for you student should be written as follows:

 [Student’s Full Name]


Wagner College

One Campus Road

Staten Island, New York 10301

  • If considering a room change. What should my student do?

Student should always refer to their building Resident Director (RD) or Assistant Resident Director (ARD) to discuss options and complete form.  Keep in mind that there is a room period during the first two weeks of every semester.  No room changes are allowed during this time.   


  • My student wants to be released from their housing assignment. What should my student do?

 Please keep in mind that there is a 4-year residential requirement.  Students requesting a release from the 4-year housing requirement need to fill out a Resident to Non-Resident form.  The form is to be completed, along with student’s statement describing reasons for leaving housing and providing any other proof.  This process may take about two weeks.  The Housing Committee is composed of campus partners from the Business Office, Financial Aid, Housing, etc.  The Assistant Director will send student an email whether approved or declined along with instructions as to when they will need to move out of the residence halls.


Life in the Residence Halls:

  • How do I submit a work order?

All students will have access to School Dude that can be accessed through the College’s main website (go through QuickLinks).  There are many options for students to choose when needing assistance with any of the following: 



Information Technology


and much more…

  • What do I do if a washing machine or dryer breaks in the laundry room?

Students can email their building for this type of maintenance issue.  An outside vendor will be contacted to address the issue.

  • Do the residence halls have wireless Internet access?

Wireless Internet access is available in all residence halls. 


  •  What can my student have in their room?

For a complete list of prohibited items please review the residential policies.


  •  How does  my student get a door lock changed?

Contact your Resident Director via email if you are having any issues with your door or lock.


Interested in Becoming an RA Resident Assistant?

  •  What are the financial benefits of being an RA?

RAs are compensated for their work with a free room and meal plan.


  • How does my student apply to be an RA?

The student will receive emails regarding information, applications and important dates pertaining to the RA process.  The process is also clearly detailed on the website.


Summer Housing and Employment :

  •  My student needs to stay on campus due to summer classes or other reason during the Summer. How does my student find out what positions are available and how to apply?

Students needing to stay on campus during the summer have two options:

  • Can pay for housing, $260 per week for a double or $360 per week for a single.
  • Can look for a summer job on campus with any academic or administrative offices.  They will need to work for 20 hours a week to cover their housing. Each hired student should have their direct supervisor email the Office of Residential Education at resed@wagner.edu stating name of student, department, start date and end date.

Students will also need to apply for Summer Housing online, an email would be sent with instructions.  Whether student is working on campus to cover housing or taking summer classes, all students must apply for Summer Housing.