Part Time Students in Housing

Students who are currently living in housing may apply to continue living in housing as part time students.  Students who are interested in applying should complete the form within 1 week of becoming part time students.  The following criterion are taken into account when reviewing the student's application:

  1. The progression of the student to a degree at Wagner College
  2. The conduct record of the student
  3. Consultation with the Office of Financial Aid
  4. Consultation with the Office of the Bursar
  5. Consultation with the Registrar's Office

Final decisions on part time students in housing are made by the Director of Residential Education, or said designee.

Part Time Student in Housing Request Form

  • Please electronically signing below, the applicant understands that the review is up to the Office of Residential Education in consultation with the Registrar, Bursar, and Financial Aid Offices. The applicant also understands their student conduct record may be taken into consideration.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.