Important Dates

Important Dates

We are so looking forward to having our students back on campus.

First Year and New Transfer students may arrive on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at your assigned time between 7:00am and 12:30pm (see below) to move in and participate in our Orientation program. With so many students arriving to Wagner at once, congestion while unloading your belongings can be an issue. To address this problem, Wagner has designed an efficient check-in process to assist you on move-in day.

This arrival time is assigned based on residence hall floor. You must adhere to your scheduled time to ensure a quick and easy transition for all new students.

Click here to download the Welcome Letter to First-Year and New Transfer Students!

Floor Assigned Time
12 7:00am
11 7:30am
10 8:00am
9 8:30am
8 9:00am
7 9:30am
6 10:00am
5 10:30am
4 11:00am
3 11:30am
13 12:00pm
14 12:30pm


Returning Students move-in on Sunday, August 30th