Guild Hall

Guild Hall Originally built in 1951, Guild Hall houses about 150 upper-class students in suite style rooms. Guild also houses the Upper-Class Honors and Green Communities, located on the 3rd and 4th Floors, respectively. Guild also has a fully functional kitchen available on the 1st Floor for student use as well as The Wag convenience store which is open throughout the duration of the semester.


Guild Hall is proudly served by the following Residential Education staff members:

  • Matthew Fowler, Area Coordinator 
  • Kimberly Martin, Graduate Residential Coordinator
  • 1 Peer Educator 
  • 3 Resident Assistants


The 2016-2017 Guild Hall RA staff! 


  • Suite style (two rooms connected by a bathroom)

  • Beisler Lounge and kitchen

  • The Wag convenience store

  • Pool table

  • Ping pong table

  • 24 hr laundry room

  • Ice machine and vending

  • 24/7 front desk attendant

  • Cable in each room

  • Wifi

  • NOT air conditioned

  • Updated Lamp Policy

    New to Wagner College’s Student Handbook is an updated lamp policy that outlines what kinds of lamps are prohibited in the residence halls. When you are shopping for lamps, please adhere to the following guidelines:
    Lamps permitted in the residence halls
    • Any floor or desk lamp that does not have a halogen bulb, and comes with a lamp shade that covers the bulb
    Lamps prohibited in the residence halls
    • Halogen lamps are prohibited because their bulbs reach high temperatures quickly and are usually uncovered by the lamp shade, increasing the potential for it to catch fire
    • “Spider lamps” are lamps with multiple, flexible heads that can be repositioned. Spider lamps are prohibited because the light bulbs are uncovered by the lamp shades, and their small bases are often unsteady and top-heavy, increasing potential for tipping over


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