Themed Communities

Guild Hall houses two themed communities that upper-class students (sophomores - seniors) choose to be apart of. Besides living on the floor with other students who are also apart of the community, students living on these floors also have an opportunity to participate in community-specific programs led by the floor's Resident Assistant and Faculty Associate.

Upper-Class Honors

  • Location: Guild Hall, 3rd floor
  • Faculty Associate: Director of the Honors Program
  • Description: Quiet book worms?  Not here!  The Honors Community in Guild is full of life, excitement, and diversity.  This floor is ideal for those interested in exploring new ideas about themselves and the world. The Honors Community in Guild brings the Honors Program home.  It encourages students to collaborate with each other and deepen their friendships. Faculty and staff support students’ personal scholarship and leadership development through meetings, events, and programs. From museum days to flea markets, the Honors Community in Guild is known for traveling off-campus—and having fun while doing it!


  • Location: Guild Hall, 4th floor
  • Faculty Associate: Celeste Gagnon
  • Description: The Green Community provides a space for students interested in the sustainability and nature.  This community is dynamic and transforms each year with the residents.  In years past, floors have focused on community engagement, environmental leadership, and current issues.