Harborview Hall


Harborview Hall is a 14-story residence hall home to 639 students, ranging from first-year students to some upperclassmen and graduate students. New to Wagner College? Harborview has views of NYC and Wagner College, pending your placement, and is a great community environment!


-Large windows with exceptional views of greater New York City
-Single-gendered rooms exist on both single-gender floors and co-ed floors
-Gender-specific community bathrooms exist on each floor
-Two private showers are located on each floor
-Central air conditioning and heat can be controlled in every room
-Large Laundry Room located in the Basement (~$2.00 to Wash/~$2.00 to Dry); Card and/or App operated machines only
-Wifi is accessible throughout the building, as well as Ethernet ports in every room
-Cable ports exist in every room with a TV cable
-Large Common Rooms exist on each floor for students to use
-First-Year Floors (Floors 3-12) are substance-free
-Please note: Harborview Hall rooms do not have overhead lighting. Students are strongly encouraged to bring floor lamps and/or table lamps for use in their room. Please see the “Updated Lamp Policy” below to avoid bringing a prohibited lamp into the residence halls
—The only lamps approved for use in the residence halls are single-head, non-halogen lamps (traditional desk and/or table lamps)
—“Spider Lamps” (those with multiple flexible heads) and lamps with halogen bulbs are prohibited in the residence halls

Room Dimensions

  • Traditional Double Rooms (measured 10’6″ x 16’6″)
  • Traditional Single Rooms (measured 12′ x 14″ or 10′ x 12″)


Furniture Information & Dimensions

  • All rooms come fully furnished with a twin XL bed, dresser, desk, chair, and closet for each student
  • Closet dimensions: 92″ H x 36.75″ W
  • Average space underneath the bed: 23.5″

Harborview Hall is proudly served by the following Residential Education staff members:

  • 1 Graduate Residential Coordinator
  • 15 Resident Assistants



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