Harborview Hall


Harborview Hall is a 14-story residence hall home to 639 students, ranging from first-year students to some upperclassmen and graduate students. New to Wagner College? Harborview has views of NYC and Wagner College, pending your placement, and is a great community environment!


-Traditional Double Rooms (measured 10’6″ x 16’6″)
-Traditional Single Rooms (measured 12′ x 14″ or 10′ x 12″)
-Single-gendered rooms exist on both single-gender floors and co-ed floors
-Gender-specific community bathrooms exist on each floor
-Two private showers are located on each floor
-Large windows with exceptional views of greater New York City
-All rooms come fully furnished with a twin XL bed, dresser, desk, chair, and closet for each student
-Central air conditioning and heat can be controlled in every room
-Large Laundry Room located in the Basement ($1.25 to Wash/$1.50 to Dry), with coin machines
-Wifi is accessible throughout the building, as well as Ethernet ports in every room
-Cable ports exist in every room with a TV cable
-Large Common Rooms exist on each floor for students to use
-First-Year Floors (Floors 3-12) are substance-free
-Please note: Harborview Hall rooms do not have overhead lighting. Students are strongly encouraged to bring floor lamps and/or table lamps for use in their room. Please see the “Updated Lamp Policy” below to avoid bringing a prohibited lamp into the residence halls
—The only lamps approved for use in the residence halls are single-head, non-halogen lamps (traditional desk and/or table lamps)
—“Spider Lamps” (those with multiple flexible heads) and lamps with halogen bulbs are prohibited in the residence halls

Harborview Hall is proudly served by the following Residential Education staff members:

  • 1 Full Time Area Coordinator
  • 1 Part Time Graduate Residential Coordinator
  • 14 Resident Assistants



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