Themed Communities

What are Themed Communities?

Themed communities offer unique living-learning environments where students:

  • Explore similar interests and passions
  • Bond with other students
  • Connect with enthusiastic faculty and staff members
  • Gain access to additional academic support
  • Challenge themselves in new ways
  • Make a lasting impact on their collegiate experience

What Themed Communities are available in Harborview?

Arts & Visual Culture

Who is eligible? All First-Year Students are eligible to apply to live in the Arts & Visual Culture Themed Community

Location: Harborview Hall 12th Floor

Faculty Associates: Ernie Jackson and Sarah Scott

This may be the hip New York City neighborhood you’ve been looking for… You don’t have to be an artist or musician… You just have to love what they do!

Visit MOMA and the MET.  See a Broadway show.  Find the offbeat musical venues and tucked-away galleries.  Faculty and staff can show you how to get there.  Your neighbors will be ready to go with you.


First-Year Honors Community

Who is eligible? All First-Year Students in the Wagner College Honors Program are invited to apply for the First-Year Honors Community

Location: Harborview Hall 6th Floor
Faculty Associate: Director of the Honors Program

What better way to meet the people in the Honors Program, than to live down the hall from them? In a place where floor-mates and classmates are often one in the same, students in this community support each other personally and academically.

Honors students are often described as driven, independent thinkers, and committed to achieving their goals.  As a result, residents get involved in creating events and programs that meet their needs—which is often not another lecture.  For example, last semester, residents left the stress of campus behind and had a picnic in Clove Lakes Park, just down the hill from campus.