Towers Hall

The Anna H. Parker Towers Hall (pictured above) is made up of five segments, or “towers” (A-E), connected by hallways on the third floor. Towers Hall houses about 450 upper class students in 269 rooms which vary from traditional double rooms, single rooms, and suites.  Towers Hall has 34 suites (two double bedrooms and a shared common living room) available in D and E Towers.  All rooms overlook either the Atlantic Ocean and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge or the Wagner’s beautiful campus. About 10% of our students are members of sororities and fraternities who are housed in Parker Towers. This provides a way for students who are members of the Greek system to share a floor with members of their fraternity of sorority. Each Greek floor also has their own lounge to conduct meetings and have programming for the members.

  • Suite-style, double and single style living options available
  • Large communal bathrooms with routine cleaning!
  • Average square footage of a Towers room: 175.22 sq feet
  • Each room is furnished with one twin XL bed, mattress, desk, and desk chair per resident.
  • Washer & dryer on every floor in Towers A, B, D, E; Laundry room in the basement of C Tower
  • Snack and drink vending in C Tower Lobby
  • Wifi including a separate network to support streaming devices
  • NOT air conditioned at this time


Room Dimensions
Suite Room:
Closet: 92 inches (length) X 47 inches (width) X 26 inches (depth)
Windows: 61.25 inches (length) X 55.5 inches (width)
Single Room:
Closet: 92 inches (length) X 45 inches (width) X 26 inches (depth)
Window: 64 inches (length) X 64 inches (width)

Towers Hall is proudly served by:

  • 1 Graduate Residential Coordinator
  • 16 Resident Assistants




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