Floor Plans and Hall Description

The Anna H. Parker Towers Hall is made up of five segments or "towers" (A-E) connected by hallways. Towers Hall houses upper class students, in addition to the Fraternity and Sorority floors. The rooms overlook either the New York Harbor and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, or the inner campus.

Reserved for upper class students, a limited number of suites (two double bedrooms and a shared common living room) are also available. About 10% of our students are members of sororities and fraternities who are housed in Parker Towers. This provides a way for students who are members of the Greek system to share a floor with members of their fraternity of sorority. Each Greek floor also has their own lounge to conduct meetings and have programming for the members.

Room Dimensions

 Suite Room:

Closet: 92 inches (length) X 47 inches (width) X 26 inches (depth)

Windows: 61.25 inches (length) X 55.5 inches (width)

Single Room:

Closet: 92 inches (length) X 45 inches (width) X 26 inches (depth)

Window: 64 inches (length) X 64 inches (width)

If you have questions, please contact the Resident Director at towers@wagner.edu