Residential Education Awards

We are very proud of our staff and all of their accomplishments. This page is dedicated to honoring our previous awards winners throughout the years! 

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Paraprofessional Staff Name Month
Elisaebth Renda ’23 April 2023
Liana Anderson ’23 March 2023
George LaManna ’25 January 2023
Jackie Mountain ’24 September 2022
Bridget Damon ’23 August 2022
Anastasia Antoniou ’23 April 2022
Aishat Okeowo ’23 February 2022
Kevin Roach ’23 December 2021
Samantha Marquez ’23 November 2021
Mia Milton ’23 October 2021
Noah McKane ’23 September 2021
Katherine Durgin ’22 May 2021
Andrew Kolar ’22 April 2021
Mahmoud Abdalla ’22 March 2021
Claire Quigley ’21 February 2021
Nicholas Dolley ’22 October 2021
Raquel Rubalcava Reyes ’23 September 2020
Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’21 August 2020
Margaret Gregory ’22 March 2020
Jenna Gibilisco ’20 February 2020
Anastazia Stolecki ’20 December 2019
Graham Schmelzer ’20 November 2019
Ruth Sytsma ’21 October 2019
Aaron Frongillo ’20 September 2019
Dylan Walters ’20 August 2019

The Resident Assistant Award is selected by the Director and awarded at the Undergraduate Awards Ceremony.  This award is given to a student who serves as an excellent representation of the Wagner College Resident Assistant Staff.

Most Recent Winner:

Bridget Damon

Bridget Damon ’23

Paraprofessional Staff Name Academic Year
Bridget Damon ’23 2022-2023
Nicholas Dolley ’22 2021-2022
Kiersten Gerard ’21 2020-2021
Renata Pastuszak ’20 2019-2020
Elizabeth Arvanitis ’20 2018-2019
Kaitlyn Ross ’21 2017-2018
Melanie Trinkwald ’17 2016-2017
Jorge Acevedo ’16 2015-2016

The Returner of the Year Award is awarded to a staff member who is returning to their role during the academic year. The Returner of the Year is a person who has used their returning role to help develop their peers and provide leadership to all. 

Most Recent Winner:

Samantha Marquez

Samantha Marquez ’23


Paraprofessional Staff Name Academic Year
Samantha Marquez ’23 2022-2023
Jameel Jones ’22 2021-2022
Claire Quigley ’21 2020-2021
Jenna Gibilisco ’20 2019-2020
Jonathan Besselink ’20 2018-2019
Elise Whisler ’19 2017-2018

The Rookie of the Year Award is presented to a student staff member who is in their first academic year of employ. The Rookie of the Year has gone above and beyond to assimilate to the position. 

Most Recent Winner:

Jackie Mountain ’25

Paraprofessional Staff Name Academic Year
Jackie Mountain ’25 2022-2023
Mia Milton ’23 2021-2022
Gabriella Walker ’21 2020-2021
Ruth Sytsma ’22 2019-2020
Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’21 2018-2019
Daniel Smith ’19 2017-2018

The Community Development Award is presented to a staff member who has excelled in the community development components of the position.  This person has built community, put on exceptional programs, and maintain a healthy, residential community in their environment. 

Most Recent Winner:

Ainsley Armstrong ’24

Paraprofessional Staff Name Academic Year
Ainsley Armstrong ’24 2022-2023
Kate Durgin ’22 2021-2022
Raquel Rubalcava Reyes’ 23 2020-2021
Brandon Anderson 2019-2020
Jenna Gibilisco ’20 2018-2019
Kaitlyn Ross ’20 2017-2018

The Unsung Hero Award is presented to the student staff member who is recognized by their peers as someone who has gone above and beyond.  This person is one who is not normally recognized but should be due to their outstanding commitment to the program and their peers. 

Recent Winner:

Magdalena Aleksovska ’24

Paraprofessional Staff Name Academic Year
Magdalena Aleksovska ’24 2021-2022
Sarah Smith ’22 2021-2022
Mahmoud Abdalla ’22 2020-2021
Sydnie Brown ’22 2019-2020
Renata Pastuszak ’20 2018-2019
Dale Sandy ’19 2017-2018

The Director’s Choice Award is presented to a student staff member who has continued to support the developing role of the Office of Residential Education.  This recipient is someone who has supported the office and it’s community responsibilities at an enhanced level. The recipient is someone who has represented the office at major functions, served on committees, or led staff initiatives. 

Recent Winner:

Noah McKane ’23

Paraprofessional Staff Name Academic Year
Noah McKane ’23 2022-2023
Maggie Gregory ’22 2021-2022
Anna Greentree ’21 2020-2021
Graham Schmelzer ’20 2019-2020
Gina LaRosa ’20 2018-2019
Emily Austein ’19 2017-2018
Devryn Susman ’19 2016-2017
Adam O’Brien ’17 2015-2016

The Professional Staff Member of the Year is selected by the Head RAs based on nominations from the student staff members.  The Professional Staff Member of the Year should be a person who has supported the student staff and supported the mission, vision and values of the department. 

Current Winner:

Reality Anderson

Staff Member Name Title Academic Year 
Reality Anderson Graduate Residential Coordinator 2022-2023
Leroy Marshall Graduate Residential Coordinator 2021-2022
Nicole Ntumba Area Coordinator 2020-2021
Reilly Schaefer Residential Student Services Manager 2019-2020
Joseph Revander Graduate Residential Coordinator 2018-2019
Jonathan ‘JR’ Rosario Area Coordinator 2017-2018

The Campus Partner of the Year Award is presented to one person on campus who has supported Residential Education in exceptional ways.  This award is presented by the Director, based on nominations from student and professional staff members. 

Current Winner:

Desiree Braithwaite

Staff Member Name Title Academic Year 
Desiree Braithwaite Director of Central Services 2022-2023
Katie Wassel Associate Athletic Director & Senior Women’s Administrator 2021-2022
Dr. Kathleen Oberfeldt Dean of Health & Wellness 2020-2021
Robert Soltmann Executive Director of Dining Services 2019-2020
Michael Purpura Executive Chef 2019-2020
Monica Wohltjen Assistant Director of Public Safety 2018-2019

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