Spring Closing & Move-Out Information

The time has come for students at Wagner to begin preparing to move out for the Spring semester! This page contains all the information you may need regarding closing.


Closing Bulletin Board 2018 (3)

Non-Graduating Students should check-out of their residence hall 24 hours after their last final exam OR 12:00pm noon on May 8th (whichever comes first).

Graduating Students should check-out of their residence hall by 7pm on May 11, 2018.

All students will complete an express check-out.  The express check-out system is simple!

Step 1- Move all of your belongings out of your room.

Step 2- Head to the hall office (in the lobby).

Step 3- Fill out the Express Check-Out Envelope.

Step 4- Deposit your key in the envelope.

Step 5- Place the envelope in “Express Check-Out” Bin on the door of the hall office.

Because all students are completing an express check-out, everyone will have the right to appeal damages assigned to their room/suite. 

Students who are looking to check-out late, must put in a request by Monday, May 1, 2018.  Requests after that deadline will not be honored. In addition, the college reserves the right to deny requests.  The link can be found here.

Students who check-out later than noon on May 8th (non-graduating students) or later than 7pm on May 11th (graduating students) will be charged $50.00.  Check-outs after operations end will increase to $100.00 per night.


Students staying for summer will receive an email with their housing assignment at the end of April.  Students will be given a move date around May 1, 2018.  Students will be able to stay in their Spring assignment until their Fall assignment is completed.

All students will need to move into their Summer assignments, and check-out of their Fall assignment by a time designated by Residential Education. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions provided to their policy.

No storage is provided on campus for the summer.  Students who need summer storage are encouraged to work with a Wagner partner, Collegiate Storage and Rental.  They can be reached at 718-267-6484. All items left in the room after check-out will be discarded.

Damage billing notifications will be sent to the student by their Area Coordinator.  The email will note if the charge is appealable or not. Students should check their email everyday after they leave Wagner for notification.  Once notifications are sent, students will have 2 business days to submit an appeal.  A link to the appeal will be provided in the email.

The Director and Assistant Director of Residential will hear all appeals, and appeal decisions are final.

Students leaving Wagner will receive their remaining housing damage deposit from the Bursar Office.  The Bursar will release deposits once the student’s account has a $0.00 balance.  Please contact the Bursar for questions on the student account.


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