About SGA

Our mission: The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representation of the College for student or group concerns. By working with students, faculty, and the administration, SGA works to improve our campus. SGA is also the governance structure that oversees all organizations on the campus to include academic clubs, specialized groups, honor societies, student publications as well as all fraternities and sororities.

Within SGA, there is an Executive Branch, a Legislative Branch (the senate, with elected representatives from each class year), and a Presidents Council (that includes the Presidents of all academic clubs, specialized groups, honor societies, fraternities, and sororities). SGA offers opportunities for leadership development, involvement, and personal growth within the Wagner College Community.

Together, we can work on initiatives to improve our campus. Resolutions from the SGA Senate alone will not have the desired affect if the students do not support them as well. We ask you, as a member of the Wagner College Student Body, to unite with us, challenge the administration of Wagner College on student issues, and enhance the future of Wagner.

Included in this website are the current officers of SGA, the key documents that serve as the foundation of SGA, as well as some of the necessary forms. It is our hope that over time, this website can expand and include much more information.

Contact us:
Please stop by the SGA Office (Union 211, 2nd floor of the Union) during posted hours, or e-mail us at sga@wagner.edu. We can also be reached by telephone at (718)-390-3276.

Thanks again and we hope to hear from – and advocate for – you soon!