Executive Board

Haley O'Toole


haley.otoole@wagner.edu Broad Channel, New York

Physician Assistant Program, Minor- Civic Engagement- Public Health

I love Wagner because of the Small Tight Knit community that is developed between the students, faculty and staff. I love how students support each other in every aspect whether that be academically, socially, emotionally or athletically.

Olivia West

Vice President

olivia.west@wagner.edu Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Major: Psychology, Computer Science Minor: Art/Design

My favorite thing about Wagner is the small campus size and close knit community.

Siobhan Brannigan

Vice President of Student Organizations

siobhan.brannigan@wagner.edu Philadelphia, PA

Art/Childhood Education Double Major, French Minor

I love Wagner because there are immense opportunities to get involved and build connections with so many different students and staff members. Wagner allows any student to be a leader in something that they are passionate about.

Julia MacPherson

Vice President of Finance

julia.macpherson@wagner.edu Staten Island, New York

Major: Accounting

I like Wagner because of the tight knit community and how easy it is to build relationships with both students and faculty. It gives you the feeling of having a small community while also being a part of a big city.

Kaitlyn Miranda

Chief of Staff

kailtyn.miranda@wagner.edu Elizabeth, New Jersey

Major: Psychology, Minor: biology

I really love our small community here at Wagner. I like that I can make genuine connections with faculty, professors, and peers.

Samantha McDermott

Elections Chairperson

New City, NY

Major: Biopsychology

Wagner has become a home for me, I found people in my life that will be there forever and I don't think I would have found that anywhere else. Wagner is a tight-knit community, everyone knows everyone and sometimes it reminds me of a family.


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