SGA Constitution Effective 4.2019



SGA Budget Request Form

SAFAC form
  • **This will be the email we contact for any questions, concerns or follow up information.
  • If none, write "N/A"
  • **This is SGA fund request PLUS funding from other sources.
  • If you are using google docs, slides, or sheets to upload supplemental information, you can put the link here. Make sure you have changed the sharing link to "Anyone with this link can view."
  • REQUIRED: You can upload any supplemental information, including your powerpoint here. Please combine into one file please!
  • I acknowledge the information, to the best of my ability, is factual. I understand no funds should be spent until I am directly contacted by the Student Government Association or said designee.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • Reimbursement Form – To submit receipts for pre-approved SGA funds, please email Only forms submitted seven days prior to the event will be processed. No exceptions. 

Starting a club or organization:

  • Guidelines for creating a club/organization
    • You must have an adviser
    • You must have a constitution
    • You must have 10 members and their student IDs

To begin the process of having your club/organization created, email all of the above information to the SGA President.