• Spring 2015 Budget Request Form
    -Due April 21st, 2015 by 4:30pm in the SGA office
    -Please order your events for your non-operational budgets based on the event's importance to the club (#1 being most important, #6 being least important).
  • Reimbursement Form - Click Here
    Did you already purchase items listed on your approved SGA budget? Come to the SGA office to access the reimbursement form,  and attach your receipts (as noted in the Finance Guideline), and submit this form to the SGA office. Deadline is by the end of the semester.


  • Club & Organization Digest (mass email to student body) - Click Here
    Send an email to the entire campus community to promote your event, club, or organization.

Community Service:

  • Community Service form - Click Here
    Please note that you MUST email at least one photograph of your organization completing its community service project in order for your form to be complete. Your photo will be displayed on the Wagner Cares site. This must be done for each community service form submitted.  Due by April 21st, 2015

Wagner Cares:

  • Wagner Cares Fund Request Form - Click Here
    Need funds for a community service project? Request them here. 


  • Programming Co-Sponsorship Application - Click Here

Join Student Government:

  • Application - Click Here
    We are always looking for motivated students who are looking to improve Wagner College.

Starting a club or organization:

  • Guidelines for creating a club/organization
    • You must have an adviser
    • A constitution
    • You must have 10 members and their IDs