Meeting Dates

The following meetings are open to the entire campus and are officially titled "Club Congress Meetings." Even if you aren't officially representing a club/organization, we encourage you to attend in order to voice your opinions, complaints, suggestions, etc. and to hear about what is happening around Wagner's campus.

Here are the dates for the SGA Club Congress Meetings, there are 6-8 per semester (required by the SGA Constitution).


All meetings will take place at 4:30 in Spiro 2 or Sprio 4.

February 3
March 3
March 17
March 31
April 14
April 28


Election Dates for 2015-2016

March 30th - Presidential Election Packets due by 4:00pm
March 30th - Campaigning begins at 5:00pm
March 31st - Presidential Candidates attend Club Congress Meeting
April 6th - President Election Day @ 11:30am
April 7th - President Election Day closes at 6:30pm
April 8th - Executive Vice Presidential Application Packet due by 4:00pm (Vice President, VP of Finance, and VP of Communications)
April 9th - Executive Vice Presidential Campaigning Begins
April 14th - President sworn in at Club Congress Meeting, Vice Presidential Candidates attend Club Congress Meeting
April 16th - Executive Vice Presidential Elections. Polling begins @ 11:30am
April 17th - Polls close @ 8:00pm
April 18th-27th - Interviews with Appointed Executive Board Positions
April 23rd- Senate Applications Due @ 4:00pm
April 23rd - Senate Campaigning begins @ 5:00pm
April 28th - All Executive Board members sworn in at the Club Congress Meeting @ 4:30pm.
April 30th - Senate Elections begin. Polling starts at 11:00am
May 1st- Senate Elections end at 4:00pm