Allie Allen

Sophomore Class Senator Clifton Park, New York

Year: Sophomore Major: Microbiology Microbiology Club
SGA Goal: To be outgoing and personable enough that my grade feels encouraged to come to me with any information or concerns.

Evan Chrust

Junior Class Senator Staten Island, NY

Year: Junior Major: Theatre Studies
SGA Goal: To ensure the Junior class and the Wagner student body know their voices are being heard, and to ensure the administration listens.

Anthony Diodato

Commuter Relations Senator Staten Island, NY

Year: Sophomore Major: Business
SGA Goal: Improve transportation options on campus.

Sara Gigliotti

Freshman Class Senator

Year: Freshman
SGA Goal: Change Wagner forever

Shanon Harris

Environmental Sustainability Senator Alabama

Major: Behavioral Economics Minor: Math
SGA Goal: Encourage students to hold each other accountable for promoting a "green-er" campus.

Courtney Hughes

Academic Affairs Senator

Year: Senior Major: Nursing
SGA Goal: I want the students and faculty to be comfortable coming to me with new and creative ideas for how to make the school better.

Allie Keel

Senior Class Senator

Major: Arts Administration Minor: Film Alpha Sigma Alpha
SGA Goal: Bring fun and excitement to the senior class in their last year of college while preparing them for life ahead.

Bridget Landy

Campus Operations Senator

Year: Junior Major: Sociology
SGA Goal: To make the facilities cleaner, the campus safer, and the dorms more protected.

Natalie Morse

Sophomore Class Senator

Major: Education
SGA Goal: I hope to communicate to students that their ideas on how to improve our campus are important and everyone's voice should be heard.

Amanda Murphy

Campus Life Senator Oakland, New Jersey

Alpha Delta Pi, Wagner Cheer Team
SGA Goal: To increase student responsiveness and bolster the Wagner community.

Elizabeth Parsons

Health and Wellness Senator Bermuda

Year: Junior Major: Biology
SGA Goals: Raise awareness for sexual assault and make students aware of mental health support on campus.

Charnae Payne

Diversity and Inclusion Senator Cinnaminson, New Jersey

SGA Goal: To achieve a comfortable and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds.
Grade: Sophomore Major: Biology Black Student Union

Alyssa Saggau

Senior Class Senator

SGA Goal: Promote the inclusion of students outside Student Government to be more involved in our processes.
Year: Senior Major: Nursing

Elizabeth Schoenfeld

Sexual Assault Advocacy & Awareness Senator

SGA Goal: To provide the Wagner community with an understanding on how to identify sexual assault and create a safe space for all.
Year: Sophomore Major: Arts Administration

Sarah Shibla

Junior Class Senator Brick, New Jersey

SGA Goal: Better hand-soap in Wagner bathrooms.
Year: Junior Major: Nursing Minor: Psychology


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