Allie Allen

Sophomore Class Senator Clifton Park, New York

Year: Sophomore Major: Microbiology Microbiology Club
SGA Goal: To be outgoing and personable enough that my grade feels encouraged to come to me with any information or concerns.

Evan Chrust

Junior Class Senator Staten Island, NY

Year: Junior Major: Theatre Studies
SGA Goal: To ensure the Junior class and the Wagner student body know their voices are being heard, and to ensure the administration listens.

Sara Gigliotti

Freshman Class Senator

Year: Freshman
SGA Goal: Change Wagner forever

Shanon Harris

Environmental Sustainability Senator Alabama

Major: Behavioral Economics Minor: Math
SGA Goal: Encourage students to hold each other accountable for promoting a "green-er" campus.

Courtney Hughes

Academic Affairs Senator

Year: Senior Major: Nursing
SGA Goal: I want the students and faculty to be comfortable coming to me with new and creative ideas for how to make the school better.

Allie Keel

Senior Class Senator

Major: Arts Administration Minor: Film Alpha Sigma Alpha
SGA Goal: Bring fun and excitement to the senior class in their last year of college while preparing them for life ahead.

Bridget Landy

Campus Operations Senator

Year: Junior Major: Sociology
SGA Goal: To make the facilities cleaner, the campus safer, and the dorms more protected.

Amanda Murphy

Campus Life Senator Oakland, New Jersey

Alpha Delta Pi, Wagner Cheer Team
SGA Goal: To increase student responsiveness and bolster the Wagner community.

Elizabeth Parsons

Health and Wellness Senator Bermuda

Year: Junior Major: Biology
SGA Goals: Raise awareness for sexual assault and make students aware of mental health support on campus.

Charnae Payne

Diversity and Inclusion Senator Cinnaminson, New Jersey

SGA Goal: To achieve a comfortable and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds.
Grade: Sophomore Major: Biology Black Student Union

Alyssa Saggau

Senior Class Senator

SGA Goal: Promote the inclusion of students outside Student Government to be more involved in our processes.
Year: Senior Major: Nursing

Elizabeth Schoenfeld

Sexual Assault Advocacy & Awareness Senator

SGA Goal: To provide the Wagner community with an understanding on how to identify sexual assault and create a safe space for all.
Year: Sophomore Major: Arts Administration

Sarah Shibla

Junior Class Senator Brick, New Jersey

SGA Goal: Better hand-soap in Wagner bathrooms.
Year: Junior Major: Nursing Minor: Psychology


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