Alex Soroiu

Sustainability Senator

Târgoviște, Romania

Majors- Computer Science and Business Administration, concentration in Finance, minor in Math Minors- Sociology and Environmental Studies

I enjoy being a student at Wagner because I can develop closer relationships with faculty members and other students since it’s a small school. I love talking to people and getting to know their amazing stories!

AJ Naylor

Academic Affairs Senator

Staten Island, NY

Majors: Health Sciences and Psychology Major

I love Wagner because it is such a welcoming, tight knit community full of people with so many passions. There are so many opportunities to get involved with campus life!

Jolie Mikhail '26

Health and Wellness Senator

East Brunswick, NJ

Major: Physician Assistant

My favorite thing about Wagner is the Wagner community! I love seeing my friends on campus and sitting on the oval when it's nice outside!

Joshua Brown

Campus Operations Senator

San Antonio, Texas

Major: Finance

Fav part of Wagner: I like that everyone knows everyone here, it creates a fun student experience and sets all of us up with great connections for the future.

Ruth-Ann Chambers '25

IDEA Senator

Kingston, Jamaica

Major: Sociology (Criminal Justice), Spanish & Biology Minors

Favorite Part of Wagner: I like Wagner because it has been a supportive environment for me. Coming in as an international student was easier than expected because of the support I got with transitioning. I also enjoy being on the Wagner women's track team.

Jasmine Abdelkarim

Finance Senator

Brooklyn, New York

Major: Biopsychology, Minor: Pre Law

Favorite Part of Wagner: I enjoy Wagner because of the nature that is around us and the animals are a plus too. Plus when the turkeys aren't chasing people, they're kinda cute.

Francesca Sena

International Student Senator

Cosenza, Italy

Major: Biopsychology, Minor: German Studies

Favorite Part of Wagner: I like Wagner because as an international student it allowed me to expand my horizons to what I want to do in the future.

George LaManna

Senior Senator

Staten Island, New York

Major: Sports Administration; Major: Psychology

Favorite Part of Wagner: I enjoy Wagner because of the really cool people I was able to meet here, and the connection to the city. I also enjoy that size of the school, it enables you to build relationships with others.

Angelo Andreone

Dining Services Senator

Staten Island, New York

Major: Nursing

What I like about Wagner is the feeling of community it gives. I love the size of the campus as well since it allows everyone to know each other.


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