Athanasia Theofilopoulos '24

Sustainability Senator

Lowell, Massachusetts

Majors- Anthropology and International Relations Minors- Sociology and Environmental Studies

My two favorite parts of Wagner are the close knit community that I have become a part of, and the Wagner Compost Garden.

Brooke Wood '24

Academic Affairs Senator

Brea, California

Majors: Sociology and International Relations Concentrations: Criminal Justice and Politics

My favorite part of Wagner is the community! Everyone is so very kind and helpful. This extends to the staff and students!

Katrina Sammons

Accessibility and Equity Senator

Pittsburgh, PA

Dual major in English and FAM (Film and Media)

My favorite part of Wagner is our incredible community of hardworking and talented people! But the turkeys are a close second.

Sarah Sweeney '24

Sexual Assault Awareness Senator

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Vocal Performance major, English minor

My favorite part of Wagner is how intimate the community is! You can go anywhere on campus and run into a friend and it creates a very nice environment. The library also deserves an honorable mention; it’s my favorite place on campus and I love it so much.

Kaitlyn Miranda '27

First Year Senator

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Major: Physician Assistant

Favorite Part of Wagner: The people that I have met and made relationships with are my favorite part of Wagner. I love being able to wave hi to someone at least once everytime I leave my room. I also love performing with the Wagner dance team at the athletic events.

Alexandru Soroiu '27

First Year Senator

Târgoviște, Dâmbovița, Romania

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Finance & Computer Science

Favorite Part of Wagner: I can’t say that I had an easy transition, but the staff in here made everything easier. The cultural shock that I had when I first moved here was frightening, but as time went on I’ve managed to meet people that were going through the same situation.

Jolie Mikhail '26

East Brunswick, NJ

Major: Physician Assistant

My favorite part about Wagner is the community on campus, it’s such a welcoming environment that feels like home. I’ve made so many new friends and memories here and I can’t wait to make more. I also love the beautiful campus and sitting on the oval when it's warm outside.

Angelia Lubrano

Communications Senator

Brooklyn, NY

Major: Health Science Minor: Psychology

Favorite Part of Wagner: My favorite part about Wagner is the welcoming environment! Transferring after my freshman year of college was hard but everyone at Wagner was so welcoming and made me feel at home.

Christopher Giacopello

Campus Operations Senator

Brooklyn, New York

Music Education Major Music Minor

Fav part of wagner: My favorite part of Wagner college is my fraternity, TKE. Coming into Wagner, joining a fraternity never interested me until I met my brothers in TKE. They are all so helpful and understanding and have already become some of my favorite people ever.

Ruth-Ann Chambers '25

Diversity & Inclusion Senator

Kingston, Jamaica

Major: Sociology (Criminal Justice), minor: Biology

Favorite Part of Wagner: I love that Wagner is a small diverse community, where I get to learn about different cultures and to be able to share mine. Also, being a part of the Wagner track and field team.

Yenuli Perera

Commuter Senator

Staten Island NY

Major BioPsychology

Favorite Part : I love the diversity of Wagner and being able to meet students from all over the world while still being so close to home. Also having the opportunity to be so involved on campus, Wagner feels like a second home for me.

Francesca Sena '26

Calabria (Italy)

Biopsychology minor in german studies

My favorite part of Wagner is that I got the chance to be part of a team and at the same time make new friendships outside of it. Wagner also gave me the possibility of learning about different cultures and seeing everything from a different perspective.

Steven Franco

Finance Senator

Brooklyn, New York

Major; Business Management

What I love about Wagner college is the tight-knit community that the student body fosters together.


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