Civic Engagement

Minor in Civic Engagement

Civic and community involvement is a central part of the Wagner Plan.

The Civic Engagement Minor helps students develop a civic identity and provides future employers with concrete evidence of students' commitment and experience in civic engagement. Students will also gain a better understanding of social responsibility and social justice, and acquire multicultural civic skills.

The minor consists of two core courses: CE206 Civic Engagement Leadership and GOV103 American Government and Politics OR SO103 American Society & Its Social Programs where students become acquainted with different meanings of leadership and citizenship as well as civic thinking. In their selected concentrations students gain more theoretical knowledge about a particular issue.

Finally, in the two mandatory internship classes (CE300 and CE400) students apply what they have learned in the classroom in community placements that are reflective of their concentration; in CE300 students intern with a community organization off campus, while in CE400 they are placed with a civic engagement initiative such as the Food Recovery Network, Holocaust Center, WagnerVotes, etc. on campus, so they can "bring back" the skills and knowledge to Wagner to share it with their peers and inspire them to become civically engaged.