Fall 2013 Course Schedule

SO101 Principles of Sociology 01 Liu 9:40-11:10AM --T-R--

SO103 Amer Society& Its Social Prob(D) 01 Hoffner 6:00- 9:00PM -M-----

SO103-LC Amer Society& Its Social Prob(D) FN Esser 8:00- 9:30AM -M-W---

SO207 Criminal Justice System 01 Brennan 6:00- 9:00PM --T----

SO218 Popular Music and Social Change in the 1960 01 Hoffner 6:00- 9:00PM ---W---

SO233 Research Methods I 01 Liu 1:20-12:50PM --T-R--

SO234 Research Methods II 01 Liu 1:00- 2:30PM --T-R--

SO291 Special Topics: Sociology, Sociology of Gender 01 Corona, V. 6:00- 9:00PM --T----

SO291-ILC Special Topics: Sociology,Protecting the Homeland 5A Martin, D 8:00- 9:30AM --T-R--

SO291-ILC Special Topics: Sociology, Telling Disability Stories TT Gordon 1:00- 2:30PM -M-W---

SO301 The Family (D) 01 STAFF 9:40-11:10AM --T-R--

SO305 Criminology 01 Esser 6:00- 7:30PM -M-W---

SW105 Intro Social Welfare Practice 01 Woodbury K 6:00- 9:00PM ---W---