The Sociology Department is part of the Social Sciences Division at Wagner.


Celeste Marie Gagnon

Professor and Division Chair, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

718-390-3126 celeste.gagnon@wagner.edu Parker Hall 110

pronouns: she, her

John Esser

Professor, Sociology Department

718-390-3497 jesser@wagner.edu Parker Hall 215

Chien Liu

Associate Professor, Sociology Department

718-390-3486 chienliu@wagner.edu Parker Hall 213

Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Associate Professor, Sociology Department

718-390-3487 bernadette.ludwig@wagner.edu Parker Hall 210

Associate Professor of Sociology
Director of Civic Engagement
Director of Civic Engagement Minor
pronouns: she/her



Alan Hoffner

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology Department

718-390-3253 ahoffner@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204

Michael Pinto

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology Department

718-390-3253 michael.pinto@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204

Holly Bonner

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology Department

holly.bonner@wagner.edu Kairos House

David Martin, Esq.

Director of Planned Giving and College Relations, Institutional Advancement

718-420-4341 dmartin@wagner.edu Reynolds House, 2nd Floor

Darren Greco

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology Department

d.greco@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204

Andrew Casas

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology Department

andrew.casas@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204

Jessica Clark

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology Department

718-390-3253 jessica.clark@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204



Patricia Mustacchio

Academic Administrative Assistant, Social and Behavioral Sciences

718-390-3253 patricia.mustacchio@wagner.edu Parker Hall 211

Emeritus Faculty

Eleanor M. Rogg

Joan Holmberg


Eleanor M. Rogg

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

B.A., Hunter College; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Fordham University

Served as Provost of Wagner College (late 80s/early 1990s) Author of The Assimilation of Cuban Exiles: The Role of Community and Class (New York: Aberdeen Press, 1974) Book Review Editor, International Migration Review Trustee for the Ann H and Norbert Leeseberg Trust

Joan Holmberg

Professor Emeritus


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