Jenny Loh ’16

Jenny Loh ’16

Sociology concentration: Criminal Justice

Current job: Senior Legal Operations Analyst at Real Estate Law Firm

Why did you decide to major in Sociology? The most truthful answer would be that it was the closest thing to a pre-law major (and I, one day, want to attend law school and become an attorney). Additionally, I was and still am very interested in social relationships, culture and society.

How has your Sociology degree (what you learned in your classes, readings, assignments, etc.) helped you in your job (and personal life)? Within the concentration, I’ve learned about our country’s criminal justice system and criminal procedures which not only becomes useful knowledge for law school but in life as well. Beyond this, the sociology courses I took gave me a deeper understanding of human behavior and encouraged me to continue to put myself in other people’s shoes. It has reinforced my goal of wanting to do good and contribute positively to the society; it has shaped my attraction towards social movements and changes. Finally, the Senior Reflective Tutorial course prepared me for the ‘real’ (professional) world.

What is your fondest memory of a Sociology class? It wasn’t a particular moment but the Senior Seminar and Senior Reflective Tutorial courses with Dr. Ludwig were truly my favorite.

Do you have any tips for current Wagner (Sociology) students? As early on as possible, think about the area of sociology that interests you the most whether that be about crime, interpersonal relationships, health, race, gender, etc. I spontaneously dove into Criminal Justice but later realized that Family Studies/Social Work would’ve been the perfect concentration for me. Regardless, it’s important to embrace critical thinking and apply it to class materials. Think deeply about what you’re learning and how it relates to today’s society. Most importantly, ask questions!