Phillip Faccone ’15

Phillip Faccone ’15

Sociology concentration: Criminology

Minor: Government and Politics

Additional training/education: MS Homeland Security (Monmouth University ‘17), United States Marine Corps (USMC): Officer Candidate Course, Basic Officer Course, Intelligence Officer Course

Current job: Intelligence Officer, Second Lieutenant, USMC

Why did you decide to major in Sociology? People are amazing; you can study them in so many ways, such as habits, tendencies, routines, socioeconomic background, culture, religious beliefs, the list can go on. If you know how to study people and also understand them, you will find great success in any career you choose.

How has your Sociology degree (what you learned in your classes, readings, assignments, etc.) helped you in your job (and personal life)? In the Intelligence field we study people, try to guess their next move, be two steps ahead of them. Cultural understanding plays a major role in that. Learning about how people come from different backgrounds, understanding the idea that habits form not only on an individual basis, but also on a group basis.

What is your fondest memory of a Sociology class? Taking a trip to the Five Points in lower Manhattan. We had learned about the history of New York, particularly the Five Points in class before. The phrase “New York is a melting pot” is absolutely true, but the Five Points neighborhood was a melting pot all in itself.

Do you have any tips for current Wagner (Sociology) students? Read often. Even if it’s not an academic book, just read. Knowledge is invaluable; it truly cannot be measured. I follow a rule and that is to know yourself and seek self-improvement. Don’t be afraid to learn new things everyday; It will benefit you when you least expect it.