Wayne Brown ’16

Wayne Brown ’16

Sociology concentration: Social Work & Criminal Justice

Current job: Case Manager and Behavior Health Tech

Why did you decide to major in Sociology? As I child I was in and out of the child welfare system and wanted to better myself, as well as help other children who were going through similar situations.

How has your Sociology degree (what you learned in your classes, readings, assignments, etc.) helped you in your job (and personal life)? Honestly, because I knew the inside of the child welfare system, including foster care through first-hand experience, I wanted to know more about the system and society so that I can change the lives of children who are in trouble, have family issues, or do not have role models in their lives.

What is your fondest memory of a Sociology class? Once in Dr. Ludwig’s Marriage and Family class, we had a discussion about women’s issues. I was among the few male students in the class and I defended men in a positive way, only for some guy all the way in the back to say something sexist. And I thought, “did this dude just really say that, after I made a great point?”

Do you have any tips for current Wagner (Sociology) students? Take SO233 Research Methods I and SO234 Research Methods II in the summer session. While school sometimes maybe boring, apply yourself, be disciplined, you are at Wagner to get an education … and life after school (with a degree) is amazing!