Major in Sociology (BA) with a concentration in of the following areas:

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is the scientific study of the social phenomenon of crime. Through their studies, students become familiar with law enforcement theory and practice, correctional theory and practice, and criminal law. It prepares students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, and court services as well as graduate work (e.g. law school).

Checklist for Criminal Justice concentration

Family Studies - Social Work

This concentration is ideal for students seeking to pursue careers and graduate work in sociology or social work, social service agencies, public policy, community development, advocacy, education, local/state/federal government agencies, health services, (family) law, among other sectors.

Students exploring “the family” as an emotional, economic, historical, and sociocultural institution. Families hold great paradoxes. On one hand, they are a deeply mundane and ordinary part of the human experience; and on the other hand, families can contain incredible drama and pain, along with profound love. They both shape our individual lives and social world, and are fundamentally shaped by our society, history, laws, and existing inequalities.

In various classes, students look at cultural notions of what families “should be” and social realities of what families actually have been/are in terms of marriage, relationships, race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, nationality, popular culture, law and social policy.

Checklist for Family Studies - Social Work concentration

Social Inequality and Social Justice

This concentration investigates how social structural factors, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class and their intersections relate to power, social status, wealth, income, and criminal justice. Through their classes students gain knowledge about these issues but also skills that will guide students as the create a more just and fair world for all.

This concentration is relevant for students interested in careers related to human or social services, nonprofit and community organizations, social advocacy, activism and social policy settings, and research and government agencies as well as graduate work.

Checklist for Social Inequality and Social Justice concentration

Academic Sociology

In this concentration students explore and analyze the functions and institutions of societies, which include but are not limited to social stratification, race and ethnicity, gender, the family, and laws.

Checklist for Academic Sociology concentration

Minor in Sociology

  • Any 6 units in Sociology and/or Social Work