WCT's "Cabaret" directed by Chris Catt

The Performance Concentration involves a sequence of acting courses, including classical styles, improvisational techniques, musical theatre performance, and the business of acting. The sequence culminates in a Senior Showcase in New York City. Students may also select from a wide variety of courses in Dance, Movement, and Voice and Diction. An audition is required for acceptance into the program.  Highlights of the Performance Concentration include:

  • Private voice lessons regularly held on campus with Music faculty.
  • An abundance of dance classes including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre Dance.
  • Five levels of Acting courses specially designed to build on the previous outcomes.
  • Required courses including: Musical Theatre Performance, Voice and Diction, Movement, Theatre History, Musical Theatre History, and many others.
  • Four production assignments throughout the student's tenure, including Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Board Operator, Follow Spot Operator, Front of House Manager, and many others.
  • A Senior Showcase for New York City agents, managers, and casting directors at Playwright's Horizons in Manhattan's Theatre District.
  • Monthly workshops open to all students with well-respected Broadway, Film, and Television actors, dancers, directors, and others run by student organizations.
  • Elective courses including Improv, Stage Dialects, Stage Makeup, Stage Costuming, and many others.
  • Four Main Stage productions and four Studio productions per year.
  • The expectation of high GPAs in all required courses as well as liberal arts courses.
  • A campus-wide Honors program.
  • A Dance Minor.
  • A close-knit family of faculty and students, who encourage open communication.
  • An impressive list of Wagner alumni and faculty with Broadway, Film, and Television credits.
WCT's production of

WCT's production of "Romeo and Juliet" directed by David McDonald

Foundation Requirements - 5 units
Th011: Theatre Lab (2 half unit classes)
Th014-17: Play Production (4 semesters of 0 units; only one can be in FOH)
Th103: Script Analysis
Th111: Introduction to Design
Th233: Theatre History
Th235: Music Theatre History

Performance Requirements (courses to be taken sequentially) - 4 units
Th117: Acting Techniques I
Th217: Acting II: Scene Study
Th307: Musical Theatre Performance I*
Th317: Acting III: Classics

Required Cognates - 3 units
Spc102: Voice and Diction; Da210:  Movement; Da295: Musical Theatre Dance
*Students must pass a Music Theory proficiency exam or complete Musicianship for Performers or Rudiments of Music prior to enrolling in MTP1 and complete 4 dance technique classes prior to graduation.

All required coursework for the major should be completed before registering for the Senior Learning Community.
Senior Learning Community - 2 units
Th461: Acting V
Th463: Senior Showcase


WCT's "Carousel" directed by Drew Scott Harris


Minimum Year 1 Requirements
_____Th117 Acting I (Fall Semester)
_____Pass Music Literacy exam; or successfully complete Rudiments of Music; or Musicianship for Performers;
_____Th217 Acting II: Scene Study (Spring Semester)
_____2 Dance Techniques classes in Ballet, Jazz, or Modern (at the appropriate level);
_____At least 1 production assignment.

Chaperone in Drowsy Chaperone

WCT's "The Drowsy Chaperone" directed by Ryan Gibbs

To be taken in or completed by the end of Year 2
_____Th307 Musical Theatre Performance 1 (Spring Semester)
_____Da295 Musical Theatre Dance
_____Th103 Script Analysis;
_____Da210 Movement;
_____Spc102 Voice and Diction;
_____At least 2nd production assignments.

To be taken in or completed by the end of Year 3:
_____Th317 Acting III (Fall Semester)
_____Th233 Theatre History;
_____Th235 Music Theatre History;
_____Th111 Intro to Design;
_____Th011 2 Theatre Labs;
_____At least 3rd production assignments.

To be taken in and completed in Year 4:
_____Th461 Acting V (Fall Semester);
_____Th462 Showcase (Spring Semester);
_____2 Dance Technique classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, or Modern (at the appropriate level);
_____At least 4th production assignment.

This is a template for your four years in the Performance Concentration. Students can (and are encouraged) to complete some of these courses earlier than specified above, if possible.  Students who study abroad and transfer students may find themselves behind a semester or taking these courses in the subsequent year. Your plan should be discussed with your Theatre Advisor.