Theatre Studies

Foundation Courses

Th011: Theatre Lab (2 half unit classes)
Th014-18: Production Practicum (4 0 unit experiences)
Th103: Script Analysis
Th106: Introduction to Acting
Th111: Introduction to Design and Technology
Th233: Theatre History
En212: Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory


Choose one unit of the following:

Da191: Dance History
Th235: Musical Theatre History

Choose two units of the following:

En211: British Literature Survey (W)
En326: Drama Survey (W)
En327: Advanced Drama: Renaissance and Modern (W)
En330: Shakespeare (W)

Choose one unit of the following:

Da395: Dance Criticism
Th450: Theatre Criticism

Choose two units of the following:

Th209: Drafting for the Stage (0.0 unit) and Th210:  Computer Visualization (TC) 1 unit
Th107: Stagecraft
Th108: Stage Lighting and Electronics
Th109: Stage Costuming
Th110: Scene Painting
Th321: Scenic Design
Th323: Lighting Design
Th324: Period Styles
Th350: Stage Makeup
Th291: Approved Special Topics in DTM

Choose one unit of the following:

Th310: Directing I
Da401: Choreography
Th290: Playwriting

Cognates: Students must complete two consecutive semesters of the same foreign language.
All required coursework for the major should be completed before enrolling in the Senior Learning Community.

Senior Learning Community
Th400: Senior Seminar
Th595: Advanced Theatre Practicum

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