Audition and Casting Information

Auditions for She Loves Me and Love/Sick

will be held 8/2719 through 8/29/19 6:30 to 11:00pm

Tuesday – Read and sing for She Loves Me and Read for Love/Sick

Wednesday – Callbacks for She Loves Me     

Thursday – Callbacks for Love/Sick

The production calendar is available on line and on the call board.

On line sign up now closed – please see the stage management team to sign up at 6pm Tuesday.


AMALIA BALASH– mid – late 20’s. Warmhearted, loving, honest and sincere but also spunky and opinionated. She is anxious and ready for a permanent relationship.  Strong / High Soprano. (strong B-flat at end of “Ice Cream”).

ILONA RITTER– late 20’s-early 30’s. Good looking and sexy, gives the impression of a girl who has “been around” but a real vulnerability is always present. Ready to give her heart, but she always gives it to the wrong man. Some dance/movement a plus.  Character Mezzo/ Belt Voice.

GEORG NOWACK– late 20’s- early 30’s. Easy-going, pleasantly personable, honest and sincere and rather shy but not a “weak” man. Not slick nor smooth with the opposite sex. Ready for a permanent relationship.  Baritone / Bari -Tenor.

STEVEN KODALY– late 20’s – early 30’s. Very handsome, dapper, dashing and charming – and he knows it.! A real “ladies’ man”. Tall leading man is preferred. He is as shallow as he is handsome. Some dance/movement a plus. Strong Bari – Tenor with rich full sound.

SIPOS– 40’s. “Poor Soul” Character man. Conscientious in his job, would never make waves. Cautious and somewhat timid – but very likeable and cheerful.  Character Baritone.

ARPAD– very early 20’s (but looks even younger). Enthusiastic, energetic, eager, forward and indefatigable. Always observant and cheerful. His future will be bright – he wouldn’t have it any other way. Strong youthful sound – Bari -Tenor.

MARACZEK– late 50’s-early 60’s. A businessman who genuinely loves his business and his workers but he can be very difficult and authoritative if he needs to be.  Baritone (not much singing)

HEADWAITER(Maitre D’) – Character man — 40s-60’s. Stern and a bit of a “fuss-pot”. Prissy attitude. May be part of the Male Ensemble in Other roles.  Character Baritone/ Bari- Tenor with Character Falsetto.

BUSBOY – bumbling, some dance/movement, acrobatics and agility with handling props a plus; Will also be part of the Male Ensemble in other roles. Must sing well.

KELLER– A detective… all business, detached – doesn’t get personally involved with his clients. Will also be in the Male Ensemble in other roles. Must sing well.

ENSEMBLE— SHOPPERS/CUSTOMERS/CAROLERS – Various physical and vocal types. Play a broad range of characters. All need to be excellent singers and actors. Some dance/movement required. Must sing well.

NOTE:If you play one of the following instruments VERY WELL – please note that on your Resume/Audition form. There is a POSSIBILITY of some instruments being played onstage: Accordian (or Concertina), Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet.


Please prepare Standard Broadway songs that show both vocal abilities and a strong “character”. You may sing from the show if you desire, but it is not a requirement. Loesser, Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Bock & Harnick, Adler & Ross, Jerry Herman, Adams & Stouse, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin are all good – but NO ROCK or RAP please.

If you are Called Back for Amalia Balash – please have the end of “Vanilla Ice Cream” prepared.

Readings from the Script will be at Callbacks. Sides are available in the theatre office.

I am looking forward to seeing you.Andrew Glant-Linden

Directed by Mickey Tennenbaum  – By John Cariani (“Almost, Maine”)

Looking for 8 actors (4m, 4f ) to play multiple roles in this series of 9 short, quirky scenes about the mysteries of relationships…

For the audition please prepare a short, contemporary comic monologue. 

Any questions? Contact the director at