Audition and Casting Information

Auditions for OUR NEW TOWN

Vocal Call January 16, 6:30 to 10:30

Call Backs January 17, 6:30 to 10:30

Specific times will be posted on the call board Jan. 15

Audition Sign Up is closed please see the SM team at 6:15 on the 16th in B5 to be added.

Audition Information For

OUR NEW TOWN by Gabriel Dean, Jessie Dean and David Dabbon

Theresa McCarthy – director  

Wendy Feaver – music director

Cast Breakdown:  All the characters are 17-22 unless otherwise noted. The casting is open to people of all races, although two are specifically black.

Instruments are flexible and can be re-scripted, this is just how it is as written.

The roles assignments in OUR NEW TOWN are subject to change based on the work that we do with the writers in process. All roles, except as specifically noted, are open for actors of all racial backgrounds.

One: Play’s Dr Cantrell (the actor who played the stage manager). Plays the priest

Two: Black. Boyfriend of one

Three: One’s sister. Plays professor’s wife

Four: Plays guitar. Plays the student who played George in Our Town. Also plays One’s father in one scene. Plays Professor of English.

Five: Classical voice. Plays Mrs Gibbs: Plays One’s mother. Plays the shooter’s mother

Six: White. Plays piano. Miss Springfield. Plays Mrs Soames. Plays the cleaner

Seven: Plays guitar Maddie, played Emily in Our Town. Was injured in the massacre.

Eight: Rick. Security guard. 


Auditions: There is a folder on Google drive that contains a script, two sound files and a music file. These are reference points for auditions to get a sense of the material. Note that the script will be updated within the next few days, the writers are busy with the edits.


For the audition, prepare a 32 bar cut from a contemporary music theatre work-or contemporary folk/pop song. This should be storytelling type of singing, straightforward, earnest. The kind of singing that feels like you are just talking.

If you play piano or guitar, or other small stringed instrument, I am looking for good players who can pick up quickly-you will be accompanying part of the time. Please prepare your song accompanying yourself on your instrument. The composer David Dabbon and I are interested in possibly adding more instruments to the piece. If you play an unamplified instrument that you would be open to working into the piece, please note it on your audition sheet. I will probably ask you to bring your instrument to the callback.

You should be competent already at playing and singing at the same time, so if this is not where you are yet, don’t sweat it-come and sing without instrument. There are roles for people who play instruments as well as for people who don’t play instruments.

Audition Sign Up is closed please see the SM team at 6:15 on the 16th in B5 to be added.

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