Audition and Casting Information

Auditions for Evita

April 24, 9:30 to end of day.

Callbacks on April 29, 9:30 to 10:30

Please note that rehearsals for Evita will start

August 23 at 9:00am the Friday before school starts.

Sign up to audition online is now closed.

Please see the SM staff  at 9:30 am, 8/24  in room 11 to get added to the list.

The calendar for next year is  available on the call board.

Audition Information For

Michele Pawk – director  

Lauri Young – music director

Musical requirements

Eva Peron—A passionate and powerful character who sings in a multiple of musical styles: quasi-Latin, rock, contemporary musical theatre, classical. Vocal range is three octaves:  E below middle C to a belt or heavy mix E5.

Peron—essentially a baritone role but actually has one number that requires a B flat and C.   !!!   If we find the right person, these notes are negotiable.

Che—the dramatic foil to Eva.  Che also sings in a multiple of musical styles although he is mostly musical theatre pop rock.  Must be comfortable sitting on top in the F, G, A flat range.  The voice needs to be intense and powerful.

Peron’s Mistress—Mixy low soprano to E5.

Magaldi—the nightclub singer.  A baritone role with an easy G and an occasional belted A.  A commercial, crooner sound.

Ensemble will be singing in multiple styles:  classical, Latin, contemporary musical theatre, quasi-rock. I will need some bass baritone men who have a low F.  Sopranos with a high C.  There are lots complicated numbers in the show that involve changing meters and close harmony.  I will need some excellent musicians for this show.

            Ensemble of 9 women & 9 men


Bring in your best 16 bars of a contemporary classic musical theatre song (1970 to present) that shows strong dramatic content and the extent of your musical range.  It is essential to demonstrate your ability to make strong choices and create compelling character.  No Frank Wildhorn, no Les Mis.


Sign up to audition. Please see the SM staff  at 9:30 am, 8/24  in room 11 to get added to the list.

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