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Vocal Call and Dance Call December 4th

Call Backs will start December 4th after Vocal Call

and continue on December 5th.

Specific times will be posted on the call board Dec 3rd.

Audition Sign Up   – Now closed please see the SM team at 9am Tuesday.

Audition Information For


Ann Nieman, Director

John Scacchetti, Choreographer

David Sisco, Musial Director


  • EDYTHE HERBERT – British Channel swimmer, star of the Aquacade. Sings I Can’t Be Bothered Now, Boy Wanted, He Loves and She Loves, ’S Wonderful,Nice Work if You Can Get It, and How Long Has This Been Goin’ On?
    • Strong singer, actor, strong tap-dancer
    • Vocal range: Legit Mezzo, G#3 – D5
  • CAPTAIN BILLY BUCK CHANDLER – Tap-dancing aviator from Texas. Sings I Can’t Be Bothered Now, Blah, Blah, Blah, Soon, He Loves and She Loves,’S Wonderful, Strike Up the Band, My One and Only, and How Long Has This Been Goin’ On?
    • Strong singer, actor, strong tap-dancer
    • Vocal range: Baritone, B2 – E4
  • MICKEY/AGENT LUCY ANN FERGUSSON – An airplane mechanic and FBI agent. Sings I Can’t Be Bothered Now, and Funny Face.
    • Character actress with strong comedic skills.
    • Vocal range: Belt/Mix Mezzo, Bb3 – Bb4
  • NIKKI (PRINCE NICCOLAIR ERRACLYOVITCH TCHTCHAVADZE/NIKKI)– A Russian agent, owner/promoter of the Aquacade. Sings I Can’t Be Bothered Now,In the Swim, and Funny Face.
    • Character actor with strong comedic skills.
    • Vocal range: Bass-Baritone, Bb2 – D4
  • REVEREND JD MONTGOMERY – Clergyman and speakeasy proprietor. Sings Kicking the Clouds Away.
    • Strong actor who moves well.
    • Vocal range: D3 – D4
  • / MS. MAGIX –Proprietor of the Tonsorial & Sartorial Impartial. Sings High Hat, and My One and Only. NOTE: All genders will be considered for this role.
    • Strong singer, actor. Strong tap-dancer.
    • Vocal range: Baritone, D3 – Eb4


6 Chorus Singers/Dancers – also play a variety of small roles.

  • Tap-dancing ability required
  • Vocal ranges: 3 Legit Mezzos & 3 Legit Sopranos


NOTE – All genders will be considered for the male ensemble

6 Chorus Singers/Dancers (Includes NEW RHTYHM BOYS) – also play a variety of small roles.

  • Tap-dancing ability required
  • Vocal ranges: 3 Tenors, 3 Baritones

NEW RHYTHM BOYS – Singing trio

  • Tap-dancing ability required
  • Vocal ranges: 2 Baritones, Tenor 1

RITZ QUARTET— Male singers and character actors who move well.

  • Vocal ranges: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, 2 Baritones

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Please present a 16-bar ballad or 32-bar up-tempo in the style of the show (Pre-Golden Age). If auditioning specifically onlyfor Mickey or Nikki, please prepare a short, comic monologue as well. Vocal call back materials and recordings will be made available in advance for perusal. Sides for callbacks will be available on Goggle Drive.

Audition Sign Up   – Now closed please see the SM team at 9am Tuesday.


  • EDYTHE HERBERT– He Loves and She Loves – p. 92; ’S Wonderful – p. 122-124
  • CAPTAIN BILLY BUCK CHANDLER – Strike Up the Band – p. 139 – 141; ’S Wonderful – p. 122-124
  • MICKEY/AGENT LUCY ANN FERGUSSON– Funny Face – p. 181- 182
  • REVEREND JD MONTGOMERY – Kicking the Clouds Away – p. 197 – 198
  • MAGIX – My One and Only – p. 161 – 162
  • RITZ QUARTET– S’wonderful – p. 135
  • NEW RHYTHM BOYS – Flying – p. 113 – 115
  • ENSEMBLE WOMEN– In the Swim – p. 148 – 149
  • ENSEMBLE MEN– High Hat – p. 62 – 64


Director – Rusty Curcio

Music Director-Lauri Young

Character descriptions – Pirates of Penzance

All characters in the cast must be skilled in comedy and understand witty British humor. They must be comfortable being bravely and sincerely silly in the rehearsal process and on stage.  Mr. Gilbert’s humor derives from the absolute sincere belief in the ridiculousness of the given circumstances.  This production of Pirates will follow the original script and will not be updated or re-invented.

FREDERICStage age 21
Tenor with a lyrical high B flat
Young, manly, genuine and innocent. He is funny because he is so sincerely trying to do the honorable thing. He is energetic, outgoing and honest. Good with dialect and speech. Needs to be an excellent mover.

MABELStage age approximately 20 (match Frederic)
Coloratura Soprano who understands the musical conventions of operetta.  Lyric high Bflat, cadenzas to high D flat.
Needs an out-front, natural expressive voice with excellent diction. She is sweet and innocent but still needs good comic timing. Needs to move well and be light on her feet.

Bass Baritone
Needs to be very athletic and an excellent mover with rhythmic coordination and agility. He thinks he is masculine and virile and the object of every woman’s desire.  Must be witty and have excellent comic timing. Very good with speech.

Mabel’s father. He must be vivid, with warmth & good humor; quirky yet believable. He is a little buffoonish and befuddled. Excellent diction and articulation important. He is wiser than he lets on but also forgetful and lovable.
Well spoken, “terribly terribly” upper class English accent.

RUTH Plays a 47-year-old Contralto
Needs to be an excellent mover, highly energetic and agile. Excellent comic timing is required. Ruth’s character undergoes a transition from nurse maid to Pirate with the change being quite obvious. Accent can be proper, cockney, Cornish, Scottish, Irish – show us what you can do!

The Pirate King’s right-hand man. Has a little dialogue and some solo singing.  A character type with idiosyncrasies and peculiarities.  Must play the straight man to the Pirate King and band of Pirates.

Comic role – leader of a band of police who have never had the chance to do their job and be valiant. Can be portrayed as somewhat ‘bumbling’ or clumsy. Needs to be an excellent mover and good dancer. Common English accent.

EDITH and KATE Ages open
Soprano, Mezzo
Need to be able to move well and dance.
Mabel’s sisters, each with a unique personality. Big legitimate voices. Sassy, vivid characters. Well spoken, precise English accents.

ISABELYoungest of the sisters                                                                                                                                        Must dance extremely well and love it.  She is sweet and innocent.  But also, smart and ready to become a woman.

CHORUS OF DAUGHTERS Variety of ages needed.  Soprano, Alto
Mabel’s sisters, each with a unique personality.  All must move well and some will need to dance.  Sullivan’s choruses are extremely musically challenging but very rewarding.

CHORUS OF PIRATES Variety of ages needed -Tenor, Bass
An assorted band of larrikins who love & serve their Pirate King.  All must have and be able to play idiosyncrasies and peculiarities with honesty.  Again, Sullivan’s choruses are extremely musically challenging.

All police will need to be good movers and dancers.  With silly character quirks.

For auditions:

Singing call will be first.

Please prepare two sixteen bar cuts of either legit musical theatre (Kern, R&H, Weill, Bernstein etc.) classic operetta (G&S, Romberg, Friml, Herbert, Sousa etc.) or a classical aria or art song. DO NOT SING ANYTHING WITH A CONTEMPORARY SOUND!  However, you CAN choose material from contemporary musicals that require a legit sound (i.e. Gentleman’s Guide, Secret Garden, both Phantoms, Piazza etc.)   Your choice of musical selection should demonstrate your understanding of the operetta style:  excellent intonation, beautiful phrasing, range, lovely vibrato.  We will need some excellent musicians for this show. Singing Gilbert and Sullivan is truly a delight.  The choruses are magnificent but they require sensitive singers who work hard and pay attention to detail.   In terms of your acting try to show clear diction, sense of humor and intelligence grounded in the reality of something idiosyncratic and peculiar.

There will be no dance/movement call in the first round.

Callbacks will include:

  1. Dance/movers call
  2. Improvisation so we can see your sense of comedic timing, active listening and creativity
  3. Musical callbacks for characters
  4. Reading sides from the show

Be Brave!                     Have Fun!           And Be Different!

Audition Sign  – Now closed please see the SM team at 9am Tuesday.

Dance Project 2019

Choreographed by Carissa Bellando

A dance concert which celebrates and explores love and relationships from both romantic and platonic points of view.  The original works to be presented in the concert are inspired by Tomasz Rut paintings, music by Frank Bridge and the investigation of one’s search for another person to fulfill a personal need in their life.  Ballet, modern and contemporary styles will be fused to create the movement vocabulary for this concert.

Nine to twelve dancers (3-6 men and 3-6 women) of various skill levels with a passion to explore and create works which depict love and relationships are needed.

Come warmed up and ready to dance.  Choreography will be taught as part of the audition.  Dancers do not need to prepare anything.

Dress in dancewear that shows the line of your body. The audition and concert will be danced barefoot.

Audition Sign Up   – Now closed please see the SM team at 9am Tuesday.



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