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The initial round of auditions will take place May 5th  

Call backs will take place on May 5th & May 6th

Audition Information for Damn Yankees and The Dutchman.

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The Dutchman' by LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka)

 The Dutchman' was first produced in 1964, is an allegory on race relations in the United States.  It is intense.  READ IT.

Our production will include poetry by the author and by the cast, a kind of poetry slam in addition to the relatively short (approximately 30 minutes) play.


Clay: Twenty-year-old black man

Lulu: Thirty-year-old white woman

Young Negro: Black man, about twenty

Conductor: An older black man

Ensemble: White and black passengers (4 to 6)

Audition Material

Please prepare a monologue or poem of approximately 60 seconds that reflects some of the predominant qualities of either Clay or Lulu, and/or reflects 'Dutchman' thematically.  READ IT.



The classic musical about baseball dreams and a pact with The Devil. Time period - Late 1950s.

 Character Breakdown:

JOE HARDY - A3 - G5, The home run hitting hero of the Washington Senators. Sweet, naive, all-American good guy.

APPLEGATE - A3 - G5, The Devil, disguised as a slick salesman. A smooth talker.

LOLA - F3 - G5, The Devil's seductress assistant. Sexy and confident.

JOE BOYD - A3 – G5, Middle-aged married man, in love with baseball.

MEG BOYD - G3 - G5, Joe's long-suffering but loyal wife.

GLORIA THORPE -B3 - G5, Fearless and biting newspaper reporter.

VAN BUREN - D4 - A5, Luckless baseball team manager, father figure to his players.

DORIS -D4 - G5, Friend of MEG. Loves baseball and community activities.

SISTER - D4 - G5, Friend of MEG. Loves baseball and community activities.

ROCKY - D4 - B5, SMOKEY -C3 - G5 , and SOHOVIK - D4 - G5, Baseball players. Funny, loveable characters - the 3 Stooges of the ball field.

WELCH - D4 - G5, team owner.

ENSEMBLE - many character roles , but must be excellent singer/dancers.

 For the audition, please prepare a song from the period (1950s), from musical theatre or pop music (not Rock'N'Roll!).

Dance Information
Men - strong dancers with good physical musicality and athleticism.  Must be able to jump, turn and maintain clear shape/form.

Women -  Movers with personality with strong characterization.  Must be able to be confident and take the stage.

Lola - Dancer with strong technique and characterization.  Must be precise with movements, make strong character choices and own the stage.
Very confident, interesting and embody idiosyncratic movement.

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