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Auditions for Frank Loesser's MOST HAPPY FELLA' and

Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST

September 1st, 2nd and 3rd - 6:30 to 10:30

Online sign-up for Most Happy Fella and Tempest is closed,

if you have missed signing up please show up at 6:00 pm 9/1/15 to get an audition time from the stage management staff.

Most Happy Fella

Please prepare 16 bars of Golden Age Broadway repertoire (i.e. 1940’s to 1960’s). making strong acting choices in the direction of the character you would like to play. It is recommended that you have two contrasting 16 bar cuts prepared even though may only sing one. Some of the character parts require a legit sound and others a musical comedy belt.

Cast Type: Ensemble Cast - Many featured roles, Older Role(s), Showcases trained singers, Star Vehicle - Female, Star Vehicle - Male, Strong/Large Chorus Dance requirement: Standard (Musical Staging/Some Dance/Optional) Casting notes:

Character Breakdown

Tony understudy – (will play matinees) An Italian grape farmer. He is warm and genuine but also insecure at times. Battles with a short temper. Spirited, passionate, respect, and boisterous.  Male, 55-70 yrs old   Range: C#3 - G4 (

RosabellaA woman who is lost in love and work, she is in desperate need to experience and explore her dreams of romance. Jaded by the city life and by insensitive men.  Female, 25-35 yrs old           Range: C4 - E5

Cleo Non-plussed, comic, brassy, self-confident waitress and best friend of Rosabella. A true friend with a strong personality and a calculating mind.  Female, 25-35 yrs old           Range: Gb3 - A5

Joe The foreman of the vineyard. He is unable to settle down and is more interested in random connections than true romance. Handsome, masculine, hardworking.  Male, 25-35 yrs old   Range: Bb2 - F4

Marie Tony's possessive, domineering younger sister who is against change. She will fight to protect her brother at all costs.  Female, 40-50 yrs old           Range: B3 - F5

HermanThe likable happy-go-lucky ranch hand. He is easy-going, the "good guy," and not easily rattled.  Male, 30-40 yrs old   Range: E4 - A5

Ensemble Vineyard Workers; Townspeople – 9 women 9 men

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Information on Tempest auditions:

The Tempest at Stage One will be looking for approximately 15 actors who can move, sing, and have a strong mastery of heightened language.  The idea of the piece is that the play is about domination and cycles of oppression, and therefore the production will be an immersive experience with the audience, where the production will literally take over the space and exact it’s will over the audience.  There will be music from the mid 20th century sung throughout the play as a sort of cabaret version of the Tempest.

 This is a project that I work-shopped at Wagner, and produced professionally in New York. For the audition please prepare a one minute comedic Shakespeare monologue, and a song from the 1950’s or 1960’s to be sung a cappella.