MS in Media Management

Master of Science in Media Management

Wagner College’s master’s program in media management produces leaders and innovators in the media industry. This multi-billion-dollar global business includes film, television, music, video games, publishing, web, mobile, and more.

By integrating theory and practice, the program provides graduates with a keen understanding of the dynamic linkage between the creative arts and the business of financing, producing, and distributing creative work. And, the MS in Media Management prepares students to manage media enterprises driven by ever-evolving technological developments and rapid globalization.

The program’s coursework will be offered at Wagner College’s Manhattan location and at the main Staten Island campus.

Program Overview

Wagner College’s MS in Media Management promotes its students’ success by offering classes that integrate theory and practical experience. Class sizes are limited to 12–16 bright and highly motivated students, ensuring tailored attention to each student’s interests and needs.

In the program, students will:

  • Apply principles of entrepreneurship, venture creation, and development.
  • Learn directly from practitioners in the field of media ventures.
  • Plan, produce, and market their own new business venture in the media sector in the two-semester Media Venture course series.

The program also includes an elective opportunity allowing students to learn first-hand how the media industry operates internationally, through trips abroad to participate in seminars and workshops with media professionals from those countries.


The program comprises 30 credits, grouped in two tiers:
Tier I: Core Curriculum (15 credits)
Tier II: Media Management Concentration Courses (15 credits)


Tier I: Core Curriculum (15 credits)
  • BU 617 Economics for Managers
  • BU 625 Communicating Leadership
  • BU 629 Competitive Business Analytics
  • BU 652 Strategic Management
  • BU 668 Business Internship
  • BU 669 Strategic Leadership
Tier II: Media Management Concentration Courses (15 credits)
  • MM 633 Media Law, Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • MM 642 The Film and Television Industry
  • MM 643 The Publishing Industry
  • MM 644 Planning, Producing and Marketing a Media Venture
  • MM 647 The Business of Video Games
  • MM 591 Digital Transformation in Media Industries


All prospective students must demonstrate prior exposure to media disciplines, such as through work, performances, proven avocation, or prior coursework.

Criteria for admission include undergraduate GPA, work experience, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. An interview is also required.

To apply, visit our Admissions site.