Past Winners

Other Winners Include:

2016: Bad Hearts, Mike Bencivenga
2015: The Good Bet, Bob Clyman
2014: Out of Orbit, Jennifer Maisel
2013: The Return of Tartuffe, Brian Mulholland
2012: The Perfect Wife, Karen L. Lewis
2011: Eyes Forward, Philip Gerson
2010: The Restoration of Sight, Richard Martin Hirsch
2009: Memory Fragments, Sam Wallin
2008: Stray, Ruth McKee
2007: Guided Tour, Peter Snoad
2006: Farmers of Men, Richard Aellan
2005: Mother, May I, Dylan Brody
2004: Be Our Joys, Joseph Zaitchik
2003: Skin of a Lawyer, Richard Kalinoski
2002: How High the Moon, Timothy Jay Smith
2001: The Pagan, Anne Noble
2000: Shadow Plays, Frank Basloe
1999: Flight, music by James Scully; book by Steve and Elise Seyfried.
1998: Gone Astray, J.S. Stanisloff
1994: Tierra Del Fuego, Robert Alan Ford
1993: Rent, Jonathon Larson
1992: Boca, Christopher Kyle
1991: Planet of the Mutagens, Mary Gail
1990: Beast, Susan Arnout Smith
1989: Washington Square Moves, Matthew Witten
1988: Norm Rex, Phil Atlakson
1987:  Mr. & Mrs. 'A,' Charles Leipart
1986: Cue the Violins, David Richmond
1985: Interstates, Dan Dervin
1984: The Mountains of Arafat, Geoffrey Brown
1983: Cage Con Leche, Gloria Gonzalez
1982: Jonas, Billy Bly
1981: Sissy and the Baby Jesus, Barbara Allan Hite
1980: Private Opening, Norman Wexler
1979: The Stag at Eve, Robert Riche
1978: Cutting Away, Barry Knower
1977: Past Tense, Jack Zeman
1976: A Safe Place, C.K. Mack
1975:  Jonathon (musical), Alan Riefe & Robert Haymes
1974: Son of the Last Mule Dealer: Gus Weill
1973: Carnivori, C. Richard Gillespie
1972: Fortune Teller Man, Marvin Denicoff
1971: Obtuse Triangle, Ben Roasa
1970: Three Sons (Of Sons & Brothers), Richard Lortz
1969: A Happy New Year to the Whole World Except Alexander Graham Bell, Bernard Sabath
1968: Bag of Flies, Venable Herndon
1967: The Prize in the Crackerjack Box, William Parchman
1966: To Become a Man, Albert Zuckerman
1965: Ceremonies in Dark Old Men, Lonnie Elder III
1964: Hothouse, Megan Terry
            Thompson, Joseph Baldwin
1963: Funnyhouse of Negro & the Owl Answers, Adrienne Kennedy
1962: This Side of the Door, Terrence McNally
1961: La Loca (La Fiesta), Ernesto Fuentes
1960: The Busy Martyr, George Hitchcock
1959: The Apple Doesn’t Fall, Gene Radano
1958: Hear the Laughter (Clandestine on the Morning Line), Josh Greenfeld
1957: To Learn to Love, William I. Oliver