Actor Children's Theatre School at Wagner College

This is a time of cautious optimism as we bring our ACT Program at Wagner College back to campus for in-person theatre programming this semester.

We are excited to announce our upcoming production of Legally Blonde The Musical, Jr. at the Wagner College main stage theatre in January.

Auditions for actors ages 10 – 18 will take place Saturday, September 25th at 12pm. For more information or to RSVP visit

As per the Key to NYC regulations: All participants age 12 and older are required to have completed 1 dose of the COVID vaccine by September 25 in order to audition and perform in the live production of Legally Blonde The Musical, Jr.

For our younger aspiring performers, we have a new opportunity to participate in a production of Seussical Kids. In this fun theatre class, we will focus on improving young performers’ “triple-threat” skills in the areas of acting, dance for the stage and musical performance. Young performers will participate in theatre games and character analysis, all while rehearsing their roles in Seussical Kids. Everyone enrolled in the program will be cast in the show!

Our first-class will take place Saturday, September 25th at 10am. For more information or to RSVP for the first class visit

Actors ages 5 to 9 will also have the opportunity to participate in an ensemble role in Legally Blonde The Musical, Jr. Additional information about this will be shared at class on 9/25.


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