Academic Advising and Accessibility

The Office of Academic Advising and Accessibility (AAA) serves students as the primary location of academic support and advising services, whether that advising comes in the form of academic or accessibility services. AAA advisors facilitate a student’s transition to Wagner, selection of the major, organization of their individual Wagner Plan, and the development of their skills and resources in pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Our integrated services, available to all students, include:

  • Academic Advising – Student and faculty advisor support for course selection, Key Skills and Knowledge general education and major checklists, registration assistance, and Academic Success Plans. AAA is also the location of primary advisement and registration for incoming first-time freshmen and transfer students.
  • Academic SupportThe Writing Center in the Horrmann Library for writing- and visual presentation-tutoring, Peer Tutoring in many courses and subject area.
  • Accessibility Services – Specialized academic advising, counseling, and academic support.

The staff in the Office of Academic Advising and Accessibility are available via phone, email, Google Meet, Zoom, or in person in the office (Union, 3rd floor). Students can make an appointment (, and let us know the preferred mode of their appointment in the “How Do You Want To Meet?” field.

Our service capacity is limited to current students and alumni within 2 years of graduation from Wagner.

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