Funding for Continuing Education

Unfortunately there are not the same methods of financial aid for continuing education as there are for traditional degree-oriented programs.

Below are some resources for funding your continuing education or career training course:

Some employers and worker's unions have tuition reimbursement or funding for continuing education programs related to your current position. Contact your employer's Human Resources Department or Union Representative to inquire about any such opportunities. We can provide you with an invoice of amount due for training to submit for payment or reimbursement.

Many traditional school lenders also offer options for career training loans with shorter terms and minimum amounts than traditional school loans. The lender that we work with most frequently is Sallie Mae. You can visit their website at for more information or how to apply. If you do decide to apply for a Sallie Mae loan our school code is: 002899-99

Some local community organizations may offer scholarships for people looking to return to work or complete their education. For example, New York State Women Inc. is currently offering a scholarship for women looking to return to work. Please visit for more information and directions on how to apply.

Funding is available through New York City for those actively looking for employment. For more information on how to apply visit