New Partnership with Coursera

New Partnership with Coursera

January 26, 2023 - Wagner College has launched a new partnership with Coursera, a global leader in providing skill and project-based learning opportunities. Lifelong Learning will offer the five Google Certificates below as an add-on for any student enrolling in a professional development or career training class with a minimum tuition of $499*.

Students can also enroll in standalone class here.


This course will provide information on the practices and processes used by data analysts in their day-to-day job. You will learn methods of collecting data including how to write effective questions that drive decision-making. You will also learn how to clean and analyze data as well as tools for organizing reporting data with visual presentations. At the end of the course you will complete a project where you will put your new knowledge and skills to practice. For complete description visit our Coursera page.

The role of the digital marketer is to attract and engage customers through various channels with the goal of driving transactions and ensuring customer loyalty. This course will give you the skills to succeed in your role by teaching you how to generate leads, use social media and email to communicate with customers, analyze and adjust marketing efforts, and navigate the e-commerce experience from checkout to fulfillment. For complete description visit our Coursera page.

In this program, you will start by learning the different components of a computer and how to troubleshoot common issues. You will learn how to install an operating system, configure hardware, manage software, and tools for remote access. Next, you will learn about networking and cloud computing. Finally, you will learn how to protect your network against attacks using authentication, authorization, and how to identify potential risks. For complete description visit our Coursera page.

This course will start with an introduction to project management including terminology, the role of a project manager, and the core skills that help a project manager be successful. Next, you will learn about the project life cycle including setting project goals and tools for monitoring project and communicating with the project team. You will learn about different approaches to project management including Agile and Scrum. Using the theory and skills you have learned you will complete a sample project where you will identify project requirements and stakeholders, complete a project charter, set goals, identify and prioritize tasks, set quality standards and learn how to evaluate and share data. For complete description visit our Coursera page.

UX designers are responsible for making products like websites, mobile apps, and physical objects more user-friendly, enjoyable, and accessible. To do this a UX designer must be able to define problems, brainstorm solutions, design and test prototypes. By the end of this course you will have learned the skills and tools necessary to improve user experience and will develop a mobile app and responsive website that are easy to navigate. For complete description visit our Coursera page.
*Offer Details
Course/Certificate tuition must be at minimum $499. Coursera course access will end December 1, 2025 and most classes take approximately 3 months to complete. Following enrollment in Lifelong Learning class student will receive Coursera invite via email.