African American Studies Minor

The African-American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary course of study that critically engages students in the historical, literary, sociological and political aspects of African American culture, life and history in the United States.  Students who minor in African American Studies learn how African-Americans helped shape American history and culture and continue to transform it today.

Requirements for the Minor

Five (5) units in the following distribution are required for the minor—with no more than a total of 2 courses in any one discipline.

Foundation Courses (3)

One unit each in HI, GOV and EN

  • HI 236, 248, or 249
  • GOV 215, 268, or 317
  • EN 216, 332, or 342

Electives (2)

Two additional units from the offerings below.

Courses Offerings for African-American Studies Minor

HI 216 Slaves, Masters, Po’ Whites and People of Color.

HI 236 History of The Civil Rights Movement.

HI 248 African-American History I, 1619-1865.

HI 249 African-American History II, 1865-1968.

HI 321 History of New World Slavery.

EN-216 African-American Literature

EN-226 American cultures and literatures

EN-332 Pirates, Puritans, and the Revolutionary Atlantic World

EN-342 The Contested South

EN-348 Southern Women Writers

GOV 103 American Government and Politics

GOV 215 Law and Justice in America

GOV 235 Riots, Rebellions and Revolutions

GOV 268 African American Political Thought

GOV 317 Civil Liberties and Human Rights

MU 209 Jazz and Blues

SO103 American Society and Its Social Problems

SO215 Race and Ethnic Relations

SO218 Popular Music and Social Change in the 1960s

Course descriptions can be found in the Wagner College Bulletin