Leadership and Diversity (L&D) Certificate Program

The Leadership and Diversity (L&D) Certificate Program at Wagner College is designed to train students and continuing professionals to be civic-minded leaders with core competencies in the areas of inclusion, diversity and equity. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be granted a Leadership & Diversity Certificate.

Drawing upon an interdisciplinary curriculum, addressing an increasingly diverse and globalized world, the program enables students to acquire skills in: intercultural understanding, ethical decision-making, facilitation, bias-identification, self-reflection, bystander intervention strategies and empathetic listening. Students will explore the social and historical contexts of diversity and inclusion and identify exemplary models of leadership and advocacy through case studies of select political, social, economic and cultural issues that have mobilized communities in the U.S. and around the world. Students and returning professionals will build a toolkit to become better leaders in a range of careers, such as: health/medicine, human rights, social services, education, environmental justice, law, business, politics, sports, journalism, and international development.

Transfer of Credit: Any foundation classes completed at Wagner College with a grade of C or higher may be transferred to the Leadership and Diversity Certificate program. In the event that a student transfers in core courses, they would be required to take additional electives so the program remains an 8-unit requirement. Program elective classes taken at Wagner College, or any classes taken at other institutions, may not be transferred into the program.

This program is not eligible for federal or state aid.

For questions, reach out to Prof. Lori Weintrob at lori.weintrob@wagner.edu.



Students are required to take FOUR UNITS

  1. HI 227                         The Exercise of Leadership
  2. HI 236                        History of the Civil Rights Movement
  3. GOV 215                     Law, Justice and Diversity in the U.S.
  4. PH101                         Practical Reasoning

Note: In 2023-2024, L&D students should take their electives in the Fall and the Foundation classes in the Spring.


Students are required to do FOUR electives. These include one elective from each of the following FOUR categories:

 1. Anti-Racism and Social Inequalities

  • AN 206 People & the Environment
  • AN 325 People, Power & Place
  • EC 414 Economics of Discrimination
  • EN212 Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory
  • EN 216 African-American Literature
  • GOV 268 African American Political Thought
  • HI 249 African-American History II, 1865-1968.
  • HI325 Immigrant NYC
  • PS240 Psychology of Prejudice
  • SO215 Race, Ethnicity and Society
  • All ASL classes

2. Gender Studies

  • AH 324 Gender in the Visual Arts
  • AN251 Sex, Gender and Culture
  • EN348 Southern Women Writers
  • GOV 272 Feminist Political Thought
  • HI 226/GOV 218 Topics in History and Politics of Gender
  • HI 286 On the Screen: Gender, Class, and Culture in Film
  • PH 204 Philosophy of Feminism
  • PS 241 Psychology of Gender
  • SO320 Sociology of Gender
  • SP 323 Contemporary Hispanic Women Writers
  • NR212 Human Sexuality

 3. Global Perspectives

  • AN 236 Cultures of the Caribbean
  • BU211 International Business
  • EN314 Decolonizing the Mind
  • GOV 251 International Politics
  • HI263 Islam in Historical Perspective
  • HI334 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  • ML316 (I): International Filmmakers
  • PH103 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PH203 Ethics  and Society
  • SO 306: Crossing Borders: Immigration and American Identities
  • Any classes in Modern Languages, other than ASL

 4. Leadership

For their fourth elective, students can choose to do one of the following options:

  • Take an additional course from any of electives listed in the three categories above;
  • CE 206 Civic Engagement Leadership;
  • BU 625  Communicating Ethical Leadership in the Global Theater
  • BU 625L Communicating Leadership Lab (Must be taken concurrently with BU 625)
  • 75-100 hour internship for credit (with approval from the Director)


To apply for this program, go to the Wagner College Undergraduate Admissions page, click on APPLY and then scroll down past "Which of the following best describes you" to find the "I am applying to the Leadership and Diversity certificate program."

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