External Funding

The Institutional Advancement Office works closely with the Provost’s Office to Help faculty and staff secure funding for Wagner College. Faculty and staff who are looking to submit a grant, cooperative agreement, or proposal for external funding should follow the steps below:

Submit Intent to Seek External Funding for Wagner College – at least three weeks before the deadline

Determine funding source:

  • Government grants (e.g., NSF, NEA, NEH, Learn & Serve America)
  • Foundation/Corporate grants (e.g., Switzer Foundation/TD Bank Foundation)
  • Government appropriations (e.g., Health and Human Services, Education, and related agencies or elected officials)
  • Individual donors (e.g., Fox Fellows, Megerle Chairs)
  • Selected Grant Database (internal email access only)

The Assistant Provost for Research, Development, and Civic Engagement (Tav Hawkins) will be the faculty contact/coordinator.

The Director of Major Gifts, Institutional Advancement Office (Patrick Mooney) will be the staff contact/coordinator.

Faculty – contact Assistant Provost 

Staff – contact The Institutional Advancement Office for assistance.

Background information on Wagner  (written and maintained By Annabeth Hinman; internal email access only)

Grants will be submitted with assistance from the Assistant Provost or the Institutional Advancement Officer, depending on the funding request type. The Assistant Provost or Institutional Advancement Office will submit or be present during the submission process. They will serve as the institutional representative during the submission process.

The Final Approval Form must be submitted at least one week before the deadline.


A copy of all notifications should be forwarded to the Assistant Provost and the Institutional Advancement Officer for review.

After receiving a grant approval notification, the original award letter should be forwarded to the Provost Office and to the Institutional Advancement Office to comply with audit procedures. The Grantee should also notify their Department or Division Chair.

Immediately, checks must be sent to the Chief Development Officer, Kaitlin Girton (Reynolds House), with the account number for the deposit.

If necessary, the Institutional Advancement Office will work with the Provost Office to create a new account and to give the Grantee access to the funds.

The Grantee or Project Director is responsible for adhering to the reporting schedule.

Send copies of government and non-governmental funding reports to the Provost Office and the Institutional Advancement Office.

External Funding Reference – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Who should I contact if I am a staff member interested in applying for external funding?
A: Patrick Mooney, Director of College Relations, Institutional Advancement Office

Q: Who should I contact if I am a faculty member interested in applying for external funding?
A: Tav Hawkins, Assistant Provost for Research, Development and Civic Engagement

Q: Which position/department is the contact for information specific to fundraising (funds raised over an extended period)?
A: Kaitlin Girton, Chief Development Officer, Office of Institutional Advancement 718-420-4551 kgirton_at_wagner.edu

Q: Where should inquiries concerning charitable fund identification numbers be directed?
A: Kaitlin Girton, Chief Development Officer, Office of Institutional Advancement 718-420-4551 or kgirton_at_wagner.edu

Q: If my department or I receive a charitable donation via check, where should that be delivered on campus?
A: Office of Institutional Advancement Advancement Services Reynolds House (Green mailbox inside the main entrance)

Q: Where should inquiries concerning available fund balances be directed?
A: Business Office – John Carrescia, Chief Financial Officer

Q: What is the process for the disbursement of the available funds?
A: All faculty members should request approval from the Office of the Provost on expense requests. Once approved, the requests will be directed to the Business Office for processing.

Q: Which office should I contact for copies of the forms submitted for a previous grant?
A: Copies of all signed forms will kept by the Institutional Advancement Office.

For more information, contact:

Taviare Hawkins, Assistant Provost – Provost Office
Patrick Mooney, Director of College Relations – Institutional Advancement Office