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Margaret Floy Washburn was a native New Yorker famous for her work in comparative psychology. She was the first woman to be awarded a Ph.D. in psychology.

Margaret Floy Washburn

The department offers a wide range of experimental and clinically related courses that reflect all major areas of psychology.  See the department's mission statement.

The psychology major has two degree options: a general program in psychology leading to the B.A. degree in psychology and a plan leading to the B.S. degree that prepares students for graduate studies in experimental psychology, engineering psychology, neuroscience, medicine, etc.

There is also a biopsychology major (joint program with Department of Biological Sciences), a behavioral economics major (joint program with the Department of Economics) and a dual major in psychology and education for those who wish to teach at the elementary school level.

Why major in Psychology? See what skills make psychology graduates attractive to employers.

What can I do with a BA/BS in Psychology?

Ivan Pavlov won the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1904. He is most famous for his work on conditioned behavior.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Here is what some recent graduates in psychology from Wagner College did after graduation:

  • J. S.  Medical and Health Research Association of New York City
  • M. R.  Boston University Law School
  • J.C.  Ph.D. student, clinical, University of Maryland
  • K. Y.  Ph.D. student, neuroscience, University of Michigan
  • E. H.  Accounting Dept., USA Network
  • A. K.  M.A. student in occupational therapy, NYU
  • D. N.  M.S. student, Kean College
  • J. P.  M.S.W. student at NYU
  • D. P.  Bear Stearns management training program
  • K. P.  M.A. student, Adelphi University
  • C. T.  Ph.D. student, clinical, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • J. L.  Ph.D. student, clinical, Adler University
  • K R.  Ph.D. student, clinical, California School of Professional Psychology
  • S. S.  M.A. student, NYU
  • M. G.  M.A. student, Georgia School of Professional Psychology
  • E. L.  student in nuclear medicine, Froedert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
  • N. M.  Benefits Specialist, PriceCooper Waterhouse
  • A. M.  Youth Care, Orchard House Juvenile Detention Center
  • M.M.  Trader, New York Stock Exchange
  • L. D.  Counselor, Central Nassau Guidance & M.A. student, Hofstra U.
  • J. L.  Sales Manager, Landmark Advertising Group
  • A.H.  Psy.D. student, Aliant International University

Career and graduate study information is posted on bulletin boards on first floor Parker Hall.