Participant Pool

Welcome to the Psychology Department Participant Pool Information Page

Participant Pool Coordinator

Dr. Amy Eshleman
Department of Psychology

Student Participant Pool Coordinators

Vedika Anand

Jenna Derleth

Ricardo Peguero

If you have questions about when studies will be offered, etc., please email the pool coordinators.  Do not contact researchers about studies that they are not associated with.  If you see a study you cannot sign up for, you are either ineligible or that study is currently not accepting participants.  Please check it at a later date.

The Participant Pool is available for research projects of advanced psychology majors and psychology faculty only.

Access to Experiment Management System (EMS)

  • Note that there is smart phone app: search for "Sona mobile" by Sona Systems in Google Play or ITunes App store.

For Pool Participants (PS 101 Students and volunteers)

For Researchers

Experimenters may not use the participant pool without approval of the HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION REVIEW BOARD. No exceptions.