SEP Hiring Procedures for Supervisors

A flowchart for student reference may be found here.  Supervisors may also find it useful when directing students to refer to this flowchart.

  • The hiring department must complete an Online Job Order Form.  This went into effect April, 2007.
  • When submitted, Online Job Order Forms will automatically be sent to the Associate Controller for budget approval/denial.
  • Students may not work for departments who have not submitted a Job Order as per policy.
  • Students must come to the Office of Financial Aid to view the job postings. Postings will be available for viewing over the web in the future.


  • The Office of Financial Aid will determine the payroll eligibility of rehires.
  • Referral Forms will be provided for students who meet eligibility requirements. Priority placement for the CWS students is given the first two weeks of the fall semester. College-funded (Regular Payroll) students must wait until the third week of the semester to obtain employment.
  • The supervisor will be notified of any re-hire request (student) who does not meet eligibility requirements and the position will be posted.
  • The student is considered to be hired and may begin working only after the Referral has been signed by both the student and supervisor and returned to the Office of Financial Aid.

New Hires

  • Must visit the Office of Financial Aid for eligibility determination.
  • If eligible: CWS students may complete employment documentation and provided with a Referral immediately. Regular Payroll students must wait two weeks into the semester for placement.
  • All students who have not worked for Wagner previously, must complete a W-4 and I-9 form. Only original forms of ID will be accepted.
  • Students will be referred to the supervisor for screening/interview. If a supervisor hires a student, the student and supervisor must sign the Referral Form and return it to the Office of Financial Aid.

Supervisors are responsible for the hiring in their departments. Each supervisor must adhere to the policies, regulations and laws established by the federal agencies, NYS and Wagner College.